How To Disable Autoplay Videos On Messenger Browser

January 18 23:45 2021 Print This Article

Hey you, do you wanna be slapped by Facebook’s shlong today? Well, you’re in luck cause ol’ Zuck is at it again by forcing crap into your face you CAN’T OPT OUT OF!

What are we talking about? Its a new “feature” called “Facebook Messenger on Browsers will autoplay videos in your chat without permission and you can’t disable it so take it like a champ and smile while uncle FB has his way with you.”

What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, if you had idiots who post cheesy animated motivational crap in your group chat, or some idiot who posts fake news in your feed. You don’t want that playing.

And its distracing. And I hate it. And you can’t disable it. Why? Because Facebook says so. The Messenger App can turn it off, Facebook desktop can turn it off. But Messenger Browser? Well NO MEANS YES to dear old uncle Messenger on Web.

CONSENT is apparently, NOT NEEDED here.

So I’m going teach you guys how to not get force consented on by Facebook Messenger (Browser). And I hate that we have to resort to this to disable this crap from Facebook. Anyway, I’ve embedded a tutorial video above if you wanted to watch a tutorial how to disable it, or read up on the instructions below!

The plugin I use is called AutoplayStopper. And it works. I’m not sponsored by them, but I’m trying to help you out by getting your consent back. (The link is for a Chrome plugin; sorry I don’t know the equivalent plugin for other browsers yet.)

Hope that helps you out!

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