Galaxy S10’s Android 10 Update Has Bloated Animations – Here’s How To Disable Some Of Them

December 19 20:53 2019 Print This Article

So I updated my beloved Galaxy S10+ to Android 10 recently. I do really appreciate the frequency of updates from Samsung this time, as recent patches to the S10+ gave us DEX for PC, video effects, and AR doodle video stuff. And even this update to Android 10 would have been unheard of from Samsung back in the old BloatWIZ – err I mean TouchWiz UI days.

But among the good features that came with Android 10 One UI 2, a little hint of bloat came along in the form of extremely gaudy distracting and long animations to open, close apps, windows, etc. A hint of Samsung’s past life as the developer to the world’s most bloated Android skin is seeping through the cracks. I hated it.

You might hate it too. So if you do, watch the (admittedly long and ranty) video I made how to disable or minimize the gaudy animations on the stock UI without doing anything drastic like replace the UI completely or root and flash a new ROM. Or maybe you’re curious about what a stupid waste-of-time these animations are, so go ahead click play. I’ll wait.

So maybe you’ve seen the video. Maybe you think its no big deal, or maybe you’ve done the same and disabled the animations too. It doesn’t matter to me, but at least I’ve done my part in complaining to whomever would listen that Samsung needs to stop – FULL STOP – at making these bloated ugly UI changes.

I needed to do my part to makes sure that the dreaded TouchWIZ UI never happens again.

Anyway, my rant is done. Consider this as my hopefully small contribution towards a less bloated One UI in the future.

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