Lazada’s Redesigned Website Looks A LOT Like Shopee

Lazada’s Redesigned Website Looks A LOT Like Shopee
June 24 22:32 2019 Print This Article

Brand recognition is incredibly important in today’s market. Even if you don’t actively think about it, our brains subconciously associate images, colors, and logos to certain things.

Close your eyes and imagine a Ferrari – what color is it? Of course its RED. (Sorry if you’re color blind though.) That’s the power of branding and recognition. It is very important people recognize your primary brand colors and your logo.

But what the heck just happened to Lazada’s website? It literally looks like a ripoff.

Why though? Why did your mind think it looks like Shopee? It’s clearly labeled Lazada with their new heart logo. So what’s wrong? It’s the color.

Why did Lazada go with a white and orange color scheme? Orange and White are the primary colors for!

Did nobody notice this? They changed the whole top navigation bar with a white background instead of the original blue – which makes the page harder to read since the content isn’t divided visually. Everything is just white and gray with small touches of orange – you know, kinda like Shopee. Except Shopee actually adds color to their top bar to create contrast in the page. See the photo below for the previous Lazada design with the blue top bar and notice how you can easily see the different parts of the page.

There is such a thing as the readability of a page, and the new layout is hard to read. But of course the worst part is, because of the color choices, at a glance it looks like you’re browsing Shopee – which is Lazada’s primary competitor.

Did they do this on purpose to look similar? Or did someone just not think this through? Either way, this is what Lazada looks like now – and by that I mean it looks like a hard-to-read and painful-to-the-eyes version of Shopee.

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