Redmi Note 7 Night Mode vs. Samsung Galaxy S10+ Auto Mode Low Light Comparison

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Wanna find out which one is better: the Redmi Note 7 using Night Mode vs the Samsung Galaxy S10+ using Auto Mode? (because it didn’t have Night Mode for a while until late April 2019 in an update.) Then check out the video test we have for you embedded above!

Samsung didn’t expose the surrounding grass and sky too well here, because the bear was too brightly lit

So what did you think? Personally we find the S10+ really great in all of the conditions except for the overexposed bear at around the 6:06 mark.

But Samsung kicks a lot of ass with this low light shot – managing sharp details that the Redmi Note 7 couldn’t with or without Night Mode

Overall you can really see though how just from the Auto mode on the S10+ it can keep the images sharp and noise free even at low light vs. a dedicated Night Mode on the Redmi Note 7. Now that the S10+ is updated with Night Mode, we’re expecting even better results. We’re going to do an updated test soon, so stay tuned for that.

If you can keep your hand steady, the Redmi Note 7 Night Mode creates impressive low light shots like this

As far as the Redmi Note 7 is concerned, we were very impressed at how much detail it recovers in those low light scenarios. The bear shot still impresses us because it managed to expose the blinding bear right while also showing us the grass surroundings. Also surprisingly, the normal Auto mode on the Redmi Note 7 produced great results even at low light. For the low price the RN7 is asking for, that is impressive.

Of course as you’d imagine this isn’t an apples to apples comparison. The Redmi Note 7 is a budget smartphone while the Galaxy S10+ is 5 times the price. Its just a curious test on how good the RN7 camera can be, but also how sharp Samsung still takes photos. No side is an outright win if you count the price you have to pay for the S10+, but that’s when you consider other things in the smartphone package instead.

Hope you enjoyed this comparison, let us know what you think and who was the winner for you!

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