LG To Launch G7 ThinQ Smartphone On May 2nd–Expected To Hit The Philippines Same Month

LG To Launch G7 ThinQ Smartphone On May 2nd–Expected To Hit The Philippines Same Month
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Who’s excited for a new LG phone? I know I am. While the brand hasn’t been topping the charts in recent years, I’ve always found their products more compelling and innovative to a certain degree – for example, rarely will LG try to copy useless fluff features and will always err on the side of practical ones. Which makes me excited as to what we’ll see on the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ.


The launch is slated for May 2nd in New York and before you ask, no the photo featured above isn’t the LG G7 ThinQ – its the LG V30S ThinQ, which was announced at this year’s MWC. Below is the rumored look of the phone, as leaked by Android Headlines.

Photo From: Android Headlines

It does looks a bit different than the V30S, but we’re at least told that, “The seventh generation G Series phone is the latest evolution of the LG V30S ThinQ.” So we can assume that it’ll at least inherit a lot of it’s predecessor’s features. Which does include new AI photography improvements, more RAM and storage, and a new voice assistant.

What’s new it seems is a notched display though, but hopefully this might be the first QHD+ notch. Or so we assume given the past few G series phones have had QHD resolutions. And this will likely be powered by a Snapdragon 845 chip – making sure it is on par if not better powered than it’s rivals.

Lastly the prospect of a top end smartphone from the brand is always good – LG’s phones have been more affordable compared to the competition so we’d love to see the market get disrupted by a solid offering from the brand.

So, what about you? Are you interested in waiting what LG has to offer?

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