Razer Will Pay You* To Play eSports Games While Using Their Cortex Software

March 24 19:00 2017 Print This Article

You might have noticed an asterisk(*) on our title there. That’s because Razer will “pay” you while you play games, but only in a digital currency (eg. loyalty points) that works in their digital marketplace. Yes, the HK-based gaming peripheral company has just announced a loyalty points system. But the good part about this is that you can spend that digital currency on real Razer gear – like their RGB Mousemat Firefly (78,000 zSILVER), zSILVER exclusive limited edition Chroma Mug (100,000 zSILVER), or an actual gaming peripheral like the Blackwidow Chroma V2 keyboard (220,000 zSILVER.) You can also earn zSILVER by buying games or currency with their zGOLD, which equates to cash in their marketplace. But you’ll more likely be earning those zSILVER points by playing the eSports games currently on the lineup, which include: DotA2, League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, and Paladins.

You can earn up to a total of 900 points a day, over 5 hours of actual gameplay. This means you don’t actually have to be playing like a madman¬†to earn the max for the day. And with that limit, you can easily estimate the amount of time you need to buy some of the gear on the store – about 3 months estimated by Razer for at least the Firefly Mousemat.

If you think that’s way too much gaming for you and way too long, that’s because nothing in this world is truly free. We surmise that playing your regular amount over years will likely get you enough to redeem something. Or you can opt for the cheaper items like discounts on actual gear. This also opens the avenue for buying games off their store -and Razer says they’re discounted heavily compared to counterparts like Steam – plus they earn you zSILVER.

If you sign up now by downloading Razer Cortex, you can earn 2X right now, and if you verify your account with now under zVAULT, you’ll get an additional 2,000 zSILVER. It’s not much, but its free.

Since we play League of Legends regularly, we’ll just keep this on and see if we can earn something in the long run. (Yes, it’s compatible with LoL PH Garena) Maybe you should too.

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