Snapchat’s Spectacles Are Now Available For (Almost) Everyone Online!

February 21 01:49 2017 Print This Article

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and / or haven’t seen videos from any western based vloggers for the past half year, then you’d probably not know about the product we’re talking about. For the remaining tons of people who know what Snapchat’s Spectacles are, you’re finally in luck. The highly popular, resold at high prices, head-mounted (as shades) vlogging camera is finally available for (almost) everybody online! Thank the heavens, regular Joe Shmoe or Jane Doe-eyes can finally get one without spending an arm and a leg by going to the official website and ordering one. The catch? Currently they ship to only US addresses.

That’s obviously not gonna stop some enterprising consumers like us, who already ordered one from their site. (Yes, we’re kind of part of the Snapchat generation.) Keep in mind though that we learned that you could only use credit cards to pay for them; we wished for a PayPal option but alas, we were not so lucky.

But still this is amazing news for pretty much anybody – as these glasses have been nearly impossible to get during its release. They only came from the rare sighting of a custom vending machine; and later on via the only single store in New York.

Now pretty much anybody can buy one without inflated prices. The only caveats being you’ll need to pay by Credit Card and ship to a US address. Easily fixed, if you’re resourceful.

So, are you buying one?

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