The Humble Store Is Giving Away DIRT 3 For A Limited Time!

November 12 05:56 2016 Print This Article

The Humble Store – or more generally known as the place that sells those amazing Humble Bundles – is celebrating it’s birthday this month and decided to give away DIRT 3: Complete Edition for a limited time. Yes, its not selling a bundle of games for a price you choose for charity this time, its giving one away completely free. Well, at least until November 13, 2AM GMT+8.

What’s going on, why are they giving away free stuff?

Well aside from just being a generous, charity-driven, online game store, the site is probably doing this to promote people getting an account on their store and possibly becoming a paying customer later on.

Cool, so how do I get my free stuff?

Well, you’d need to register to the Humble Store, and you’d also need a Steam account where the game will unlock. Afterwards all you have to do is login and click “Get It Free”. You might need to pair your Humble Store Account with your Steam account, copy paste an unlock code to Steam, and that should be it. Download it on Steam and then Bob’s your uncle.

Anything else?

Yeah, the game will only be free for a limited time. You have until November 13, 2AM GMT+8 to get this free game. So head on over to The Humble Store and get it now!

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