TCL Launches Ultra Thin Quantum Dot 4K TV’s & TitanGold Air Conditioners – No Pricing Info Though

April 13 13:54 2016 Print This Article

What do you do when you cover an event that doesn’t name the prices of their new consumer products? Its a situation we find ourselves in often when attending events from distributors, because they’re not actually the people who decide the retail price for products. Anyway, recently we’ve attended a TCL event where they launched their new Quantum Dot 4K TV’s called the C1 or Citiline1. They come in curved or flat variants and are only 9.9mm thick – pretty nice, plus they’re UHD so you’re getting a lot of resolution. Not much else we can find out about them though – as there aren’t any other resources available online about them. Next up we have their new line of TitanGold air conditioners with new gold-plated aluminum cover fins which are resistant to rust and mold; and feature 5-in-1 Health filters to keep the air clean. You can see a bit more of these products on the video embedded above.

Anyway the TV’s looked pretty decent, with color saturation and contrast looking pretty good from the short time we saw them. Quantum Dot is definitely a technology that delivers, no doubt. We couldn’t mess around with the menus of the TVs though so we can’t tell you about their smart features, but we were told they can watch Netflix and run apps. As for the Air Conditioners, all we know is that they range from 0.8HP to 2.5HP – as we couldn’t really test the ones on the display.

Our official opinion: TCL’s new products seem pretty good enough to warrant a look-see next time you go appliance shopping!

So what do you do when you cover an event that doesn’t necessarily go into particular detail when it comes to specs and/or prices?

Answer: The best you can. =/

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