Google Cardboard Unboxing – Budget Virtual Reality Goggles For PHP 400

April 06 17:50 2015 Print This Article

Virtual Reality is real and it apparently only costs 400 Pesos. Yes, and all that is possible with Google Cardboard Рa little pizza box with cheap lenses inside that will turn any Android smartphone into a VR goggle complete with head tracking and a full 3D immersive experience. We recently bought a DIY kit from Abubot.PH and built one ourselves. So check out our unboxing and quick test!

The beauty of Google Cardboard is essentially its a wireless VR experience. Oculus Rift, one of the big VR companies that started the recent craze is powered externally and connects to a PC for 3D Rendering. Granted, a high-end PC can deliver much more detailed graphics and an Oculus is far more comfortable than a pizza box on your face, but at least this one only costs PHP 400.

And while we don’t always want to game in VR, the head-mounted large screen itself allows for great media consumption – since it can turn your 5″ phone into what seems like a large movie theater on your face. And you can watch your movies lying down, or privately on a plane – if only the passengers didn’t look at you weird while catching up on the latest episode of CSI: Cyber.

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