Raf Review: Ye!! BTS 710 Speakers Are Here To Go With You On Adventures

Raf Review: Ye!! BTS 710 Speakers Are Here To Go With You On Adventures
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I went to La Union for a surf trip and riding in tow with me was the YE!! BTS710 bluetooth speakers.  We surfed and chilled by the beach while this thing was pumping out tunes the whole time!





What is it ?

Bluetooth speakers that fit the palm of your hand, has a rubber shell and can last about a day and are water/dust/shock resistant with a IP65 rating.


Pairing is very simple. Just turn on Bluetooth on the thing and on your music player and pair like any other Bluetooth device – or if you have NFC you can be cool and just tap your NFC enabled device on the speaker and you’re connected instantly.

If you can’t pair wirelessly there’s also a line in connector that comes with the speakers.



Built for adventure

The thing I love the most about these speakers is that they’re pretty rugged. They’ll survive a drop, beach sand and the occasional splash of water. The ports are covered with a rubber latch that will stop most elements from coming in. I took them with me beachside to listen to some tunes with my friends and i didn’t even worry about sand or water coming into the device. It also comes with a rubber strap that you can use to tether it to your bag or wrist – its actually quite handy!




I paired the BTS170 with my BlackBerry Z30 and when you’re connected to Bluetooth you can control your playlist from the controls on the side – Very handy.

  • + – Next Song
  • Play – Play / Pause
  • -   Previous song


The BTS 710 can also be used to answer calls with, just use the play/pause button to answer / drop calls :)


Sound Quality

This thing is pretty loud for its size! Mids and high tones play out great – and you can also really feel the bass too! The beach was pretty crowded that day but at full blast our music was still hearable – There was a group actually sat next to us to chill with the music thanks to the BTS 710!



Battery life

On the box the battery life is suggested at about 10 hours and it did not disappoint! Throughout the weekend i only charged once – and that was before the trip :)  so it really can keep up with you if you spend the weekend hiking, biking, surfing or whatever adventure you go on. Charging it will take about 3-4 hours.

Should you buy it?

Adventurous? Go on hikes? Surfer? Yes. you will need it. Its available at Beyond the Box at Php 1,950 and at that price point its very affordable! Even for just a chill afternoon at the park or at home, you can’t go wrong with buying a speaker with an IP65 rating. Check out YE!!’s other products over at their facebook and follow them on twitter: yelltowin


Oh yeah just a little shameless plug: Photo’s taken at The Circle Hostel :) If you’re looking to travel, meet new friends, surf, and even go on a hike, Visit The Circle Hostel in La Union, Zambales and soon in Baler! www.facebook.com/thecirclehostel Find them on instagram and twitter too: @thecirclehostel

About the Author:

Rafael Oca is the Social Media Guy at The Circle Hostel, one of the co-hosts of The Big Time Show and also part of BlackBerry Elite. To Challenge him to a fight or go surfing with him, Add him up on BBM 2B5C71A2, Follow him on Instagram and Twitter : @rafaeloca



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