Sony PS4 Games Impressions–Killzone, NBA 2K14, Knack, Assassins Creed, & Dancing~

Sony PS4 Games Impressions–Killzone, NBA 2K14, Knack, Assassins Creed, & Dancing~
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Well, what’s a game console without the games, right? So we’ve decided that after featuring the launch of the PS4 on our previous article (which talked more about the Playroom augmented reality game) that we write another one about our initial impressions on the games we tried at the launch. Surprisingly, there was no Call of Duty to be seen anywhere, but there’s enough representation in the form of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Assassins’ Creed 4: Black Flag, Knack, NBA 2K14, and even a nice little party game that you should check out at the end. Anyway, feel free to check out our video after the jump!



Alright, so that about runs the gamut of games you would want to have in a console launch lineup and they seem fairly competent enough. Some of the other games that should be available during this launch window would be Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden, Need for Speed, etc. Not bad, though we would have loved to it if they had a fighting game or Japanese RPG in there.


As for games that will be launching this 2014, those would include the new Metal Gear Solid (5), Infamous: Second Son, Final Fantasy 14, Destiny (by Bungie), Guilty Gear Xrd (Yay!), The Witcher 3, and Watch Dogs among many other games. So if you’re into any of these, check out the PlayStation 4 at a Sony dealer near you!


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