Sony Philippines Will Launch PlayStation 4 Officially On January 14–Preorders Open Now

Sony Philippines Will Launch PlayStation 4 Officially On January 14–Preorders Open Now
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We have to admit that Sony sure is making strides in bringing their gaming brand here in the Philippines. It took them over 4 years to offer the PlayStation 3 officially, but now it looks like they’re not waiting for their next console release. On their Facebook fan page, Sony Philippines announced that preorders are now available for the new PlayStation 4, with units being available on January 14, 2014 – just two months after its US release and even earlier than Japan’s Feb 22 launch. Impressive, considering few tech companies have ever brought their products here this early, and Microsoft’s own Xbox brand have never enjoyed official releases here.


What this will ensure, at least for the time being, is that local PlayStation owners will be fully supported by the brand while Xbox consumers will have to stay underground. While its been like that for late buyers of the PlayStation 3 already, (after it was officially released here in 2010) this time even the earliest of buyers can rest assured that their units will be “white market”.

Local seller of video games and merchandise DataBlitz currently offers imported PlayStation 4 units at around the PHP 32/36k mark. Given the amount of money they would have to spend shipping the product here, that sounds about right. However, Sony Philippines will be offering the base model for PHP 24,999, a great deal cheaper. Not exactly on par with the US$400 price tag, but something that sounds about right to us. You can also choose three bigger bundles like the PS4 + PS Camera one, Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle, or the Battlefield 4 bundle. Those prices and preorder mechanics you can check out at the Sony site here. (Preordered units get 1 extra free year of warranty on top of the 1-year regular warranty.)

If you’ve ever been interested in video games and don’t want to get left behind, Sony is presenting a clear opportunity for consumers to live on the bleeding edge and not months or years away from developed countries. And while we’re pretty sure that Microsoft is not even the least bit worried about not launching their Xbox One here, gamers who want a white market console will have to pledge allegiance to the Sony flag – at least for now.

Sony PlayStation 4 – PHP 24,999 (Available January 14, 2014)


  • Eighth Generation Video Game Console
  • Single Chip Custom Processor – 8 Core x86 64-bit AMD “Jaguar” CPU / AMD Radeon GCN GPU 1.84 TFLOPS
  • 8GB GDDR5 Memory
  • Orbis OS, based on FreeBSD 9
  • 500GB User Upgradeable Hard Drive
  • Blu-Ray Drive, HDMI Out, DualShock 4 controller
  • 2.1 Million units sold as of December 1, 2013
  • Optional PS Camera, No Backwards Compatibility


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