Otterbox Launch New Cases For iPhones & Galaxy S4s With Discreet Cash & Card Sleeve

Otterbox Launch New Cases For iPhones & Galaxy S4s With Discreet Cash & Card Sleeve
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Most of us keep two forms of valuables these days – a phone and a wallet – and most times, keeping track of both can be a little too much. Otterbox though, given that most of us almost always never leave our phones unattended for even just a few minutes, figure that they can combine the two. The result is a new protective case called the Commuter Wallet.


Currently available for PHP 2,500 with versions that fit the iPhone 5/5s & Galaxy S4, the Commuter Wallet employs a hidden sleeve that can contain a combination of cash and/or cards. Admittedly, while there have been cases with sleeves before, they were not designed to be hidden like the Otterbox’s.



What the new case offers is an alternative hiding place for paper and plastic valuables, or even an entire replacement for it. You can store all your money and credit / ID cards in there and you’ll always have them as long as you have your phone. (You can also keep ID cards, RFID tags, etc if you like.)


Granted, it may be risky to "put all your eggs in one basket", but at the same time there’s often a risk of losing or forgetting your wallet while keeping your phone. We’ll leave it up to you if the former or the latter is more likely to happen to you. Regardless, we feel that the extra hiding place will give you extra flexibility in keeping your stuff. This is, of course, on top of the damage protection that it offers for your phone.


The Otterbox Commuter Wallet cases for iPhone 5/5s (Black, Glacier, Primrose) & Galaxy S4 (Black, Glacier) are available now for PHP 2,500 from,, or selected local retailers in the Philippines.



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