MSI Wants To Uhh "Empower" More Women To Build Gaming PCs! Yup, Nailed It.

MSI Wants To Uhh "Empower" More Women To Build Gaming PCs! Yup, Nailed It.
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It wouldn’t be the tech and gaming industry if people didn’t constantly remind us that its dominated by men and marketed with models a lot, right? Well yes, we guess it wouldn’t be – and MSI just released another video that would like to remind us that. In this new YouTube upload, your bog-standard gaming PC building video is now being run by one of MSI’s fairer, uhh, friends. While its actually understandable that this is designed to appeal to the demographic – and they’re probably right about it – some are complaining that the “instructor” (let’s call her that) doesn’t seem to be able to handle the components and the building just right. We agree, but of course we know concessions had to be had as she obviously doesn’t build PCs in her spare time. The one thing PC builders and gamers really hate though, is lack of authenticity – and that we’d really have to agree with. If she knew how to handle her build like a real gamer or PC builder would, then we’d probably find this video to be a lot better. Hop on over the jump to watch the whole thing.



And just to be politically correct: we’re not condoning the use of scantily clad women to sell products or video views. Statistically it works though. So if you have to complain, you’ll have to tell every single marketing department out there not to make them – and that is another thing we can’t tackle entirely in this site.



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