Why Does My Battery Drop To 90%~ After Unplugging?! (Trickle Charging Explained)

Why Does My Battery Drop To 90%~ After Unplugging?! (Trickle Charging Explained)
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Battery discharging is a very commonly misunderstood issue these days and its actually quite unnerving to most mobile device users (for both smartphones and tablets). The main problem? Well, except for the part where smartphones generally run out of charge within a day, (people still complain about that) is the technology called Trickle Charging. Why, you ask, are people going crazy over it? Well, its because of its unintended side effect: the battery percentage drops (sometimes immediately) to around 95% (90-99) when you unplug it from its charging source. Naturally most people think this is a battery issue or a charger issue, but it isn’t. This is actually normal, and shouldn’t be thought of as a problem. Now you might ask, why does this happen? Well we’re going to explain it to you with a kind-of a crappy homemade educational video. Hop over the jump to watch and be learned!



Alright guys! Hopefully that explained everything you need to know about your battery percentage dipping when you unplug it from the charger. Though you might ask why does the phone keep saying it has “100%” when it actually doesn’t? Well, this is exactly so you don’t keep waiting for it to reach 100% and complain that your phone is broken. So like we said, don’t worry about it and don’t blame your phone or its manufacturers. Even top brands like Samsung, Sony, and HTC use Trickle Charging and the “fake” 100% charge.


Until next time, consider yourself edumacated!



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