Sennheiser To Launch IE 800 & Momentum Headphones–One Of Them Priced At US$999

Sennheiser To Launch IE 800 & Momentum Headphones–One Of Them Priced At US$999
February 28 17:15 2013 Print This Article

Sennheiser Momentum on the left; Sennheiser IE 800 on the right


While some of us would probably not fall under this category, audiophiles will always tell you that sub-US$100 headphones just don’t sound good enough. They’ll also tell you that decent headphones start at around the US$300+ range. (Beats headphones excluded) Of course, we all know they’re right too. Which is why the impending launch of the Sennheiser IE 800 & Momentum headphones seem perfectly reasonable to us – even if the in-ear one has an international tag price of US$999. Yes, you did hear us right. The IE 800 costs one thousand US dollars outside our shores. While that may seem shocking to some, that’s par for the course to those looking for the highest quality sound from in-ears. And if that was too much for you, there’s always the Momentum headphones which are pegged for about US$350 – a number that’s definitely friendlier to most of us. To those interested, Sennheiser will be launching these two devices next month. We go in some extra details of their features and some embedded videos for you below.



The Sennheiser Momentum is the brand’s newest model in their Style Selection lineup. It’s a minimalist type, modern build with high quality, luxurious materials. The cable can be detached and a custom cable designed for iOS is included in the package.



The aforementioned IE 800 is a very premium in-ear headset with some of the most advanced technologies that Sennheiser has to offer – so much so that they declared that it can easily compete with their larger, high-end headphone portfolios. Some of its innovations and features include a huge 5-46,500Hz frequency response; (most can only do 20-20,00Hz) scratch-resistant ceramic housing; a specially developed Extra Wide Band (XWB) driver; a vented magnet system design to decrease harmonic distortion; a dual-chamber system that prevents the ‘masking effect’; oval-shaped silicone earbuds to prevent irritation or allergies; and even a protective mesh on the ear cushions to protect against dirt contamination. Whew, that’s a lot of stuff.


We’re looking forward to checking these two guys out when they launch next month, so stay tuned and maybe we’ll have some opinions about them when we try them out!



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