Torque Next Android Phones–Dual-Core, Jelly Bean, & Large Screens For Under PHP 8k/10k

Torque Next Android Phones–Dual-Core, Jelly Bean, & Large Screens For Under PHP 8k/10k
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Torque, one of the longest running Filipino-owned mobile manufacturers, recently held an event to introduce their newest line of devices. While there were a few that were basic and feature phones, there was also a whole batch of upcoming inexpensive Android smartphones in the mix. These were called the Torque Droidz Next line – a slew of devices with interesting specs like Dual-Core processors, Jelly Bean OS, TV capabilities, and large qHD screens. All of them also include the time-honored Filipino tradition of Dual SIM capabilities and fast 3.5G data access. With the promise that majority of the phones will be priced at under PHP 8,000 (rest are under PHP 10,000), we now have a larger amount of choice in the realm of local-brand devices with competitive specifications. Check out the specs and a video preview below so hop on over the jump!


Left: Torque Droidz Atom; Right: Torque Droidz Motion


In terms of Dual-Core (all at 1Ghz) phones, Torque starts off with the 4.0” Droidz Atom running Ice Cream Sandwich and a resolution of 800×480. Above that are the more interesting ones which include the Blast & Motion – both phones packing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and qHD 960×540 High Res screens. The Blast has a 4.7” display while the Motion has a larger 5.3” and has a mobile TV feature. The Motion’s size has got nothing on the Droidz Life though – as it has a massive 6.0” FWVGA (854×480) screen, and of course it also has the Dual-Core 1Ghz processor running Jelly Bean. All of the phones here will be priced under PHP 8,000 with the possible exception of Droidz Life which is expected at under PHP 10,000.


Left: Torque Droidz Life; Right: Torque Droidz Next Lineup


On the tablet side, Torque is offering the 7” Droidz Portal (Dual-Core 1Ghz, Jelly Bean, 1024×600) with TV Capabilities for PHP 8,488, and a 9.7” Droidz Ultimate (Dual-Core 1Ghz, Jelly Bean, 1024×768) for under PHP 10,000. Finally for budget conscious buyers, there are also two 1Ghz Single-Core phones – the Torque Droidz Sport & Force with 3.5” (320×480) / 4.0” (800×480) screens which will be priced under PHP 3,000.


Of course you can check out those phones and specs in more detail by watching our video preview below – just hit the play button and enjoy!



All of the phones and tablets mentioned above will be available this month so hopefully we can finally get their official prices and availability dates. For more information of course, check out your nearest Torque retailers. (Or, wait for further news on our website!)


For more pictures of the event, check out the gallery below.




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