“The Dark Knight Rises” Now In Theatres–Unfortunate Shooting In Colorado Showing

“The Dark Knight Rises” Now In Theatres–Unfortunate Shooting In Colorado Showing
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When it comes to Batman movies, Chritopher Nolan’s (and Heath Ledger’s) “The Dark Knight” has been the undisputed best since it came out back in 2008. Of course Nolan, being in a contract to produce three of them, was likely to produce a sequel that is poised to take it to the next level. That last and final Nolan Batman movie is finally here, showing in theatres as “The Dark Knight Rises”. (Started showing July 20th.) Basing from initial media response, it is every bit as great as Nolan’s other projects, which include Inception – a great science fiction heist movie that came out in 2010. Put a long story short, The Dark Knight Rises is looking to be one of the best movies of the year – and while the jury is still out, may just topple its predecessor in ratings. It is a little unfortunate though, that a madman went into a midnight showing of the movie in Aurora, Colorado, and started firing guns into the crowd of people watching. More on these stories after the jump.


“The Dark Knight Rises” is the last and final chapter in the dark world of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie series – which started with “Batman Begins” (2005), then followed by “The Dark Knight”. (2008) Christian Bale reprises his role as multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne and his Batman alter-ego. As far as Batman movies go, (or actually as far as any kind of movie goes) The Dark Knight was one of the best there is and will ever be – a huge part is credit to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker in the second movie, and of course nobody can discount Nolan’s brilliant direction, screenplay and story. With Rises, this series comes to a possible conclusion in the epic trilogy. While yours truly haven’t seen this movie just yet, a few of our colleagues have, and they might be able to share some insight with you guys in a video embedded below.



It is unfortunate though, that this kind of entertainment news will have to share the limelight with an unfortunate shooting incident in Aurora, Colorado – on a midnight showing of this much-awaited movie. Details, (which can be found in a lot of media outlets in the United States and/or Wikipedia) are saying that a guy named James Holmes went out of the theatre via a Fire Escape, got firearms from his car, went back in, threw tear gas canisters and started shooting at the movie-goes. So far, 12 have been confirmed dead and 58 people have been wounded by the shooter – an incident that is considered to be the worst shooting incident in US history.


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While we wouldn’t say there is a relationship between the movies and/or Batman with the shooting incident, it is just quite unfortunate that such an incident should occur – movie or not. We extend condolences to all the victims in this tragedy.


To everyone else out there, stay safe – Batman or no Batman.



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