Massive Steam Summer Sale Going On Right Now–Awesome Games For Up To 50-90% Off

Massive Steam Summer Sale Going On Right Now–Awesome Games For Up To 50-90% Off
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If you have a Steam account right now, you might want to a.) not check it until next week or b.) freeze your credit card until that same time. Why? Because Steam is having a their yearly huge Summer Sale at this moment which means whoever you may be you will be tempted to buy something. If you’ve gone through one major sale from the online video game distribution platform before, you know you’re in for some great deals. The sale started a full week ago already, but we haven’t had a chance to write about it until now – we’ve just been too busy buying up a bunch of new games.


Every day until July 22, new games will be offered on sale for about 50-75% off (if you’re lucky, you may find a game with a bigger discount) So far, we’ve bought Bastion for $3.74, (original price $15) F.E.A.R Complete Pack for $9.99, (original price $30) and we just got L.A. Noire Complete Edition for a measly $5.74. (originally $23) For the most part, these have always been games that we’ve been dying to own, but just couldn’t afford the full price. Now we got them for a fraction and couldn’t resist waiting for more deals.


Thankfully, every 8 hours a new Community choice deal will come up which you can influence by voting on three possible new games. (Currently, we voted for 75% off on The Longest Journey.) If you scroll down a little bit more, there are some “Flash Sales” as well. You’ll see that Dragon Age: Origins (a must have for western RPG / Bioware fans) is 75% off at $4.99. (orig $20) Finally, you can also catch up (a little bit) on yesterday’s sales by scrolling down to the previous day’s discounts and/or grabbing one of those big Publisher bundles. However, we think the disadvantage here is that you will tend you keep checking your Steam if you want to get in on those massive deals. Technically, if you’re on a budget, you might not want to be tempted. However, they are some of the best prices around – even priced better than pirated DVDs most of the time. (considering you have to get dressed and pay for transportation to buy a pirated game)


So yeah, there you go. If you’re looking out for some of the best deals on video gaming around, all you have to do is login to your Steam account. And if you don’t have one yet, just head on over to and get your own.



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  1. Martin Jimenez
    July 19, 19:52 #1 Martin Jimenez

    I already bought myself a couple of games that were on sale myself! Got me Age of Empires III: Complete Collection for only $9.99, and Red Alert 3 for only $7! XD

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    • panzerpuff
      July 27, 09:15 panzerpuff Author

      I’m on a budget so I only got FEAR collection, LA Noire complete and Dungeon Defenders. Managed to not buy anything else that was tempting. :P

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