BenQ Launches Gaming Monitors Featuring Revolutionary Black eQualizer Technology

BenQ Launches Gaming Monitors Featuring Revolutionary Black eQualizer Technology
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In the realm of competitive video gaming – or even casual gaming – more often than not your equipment means everything. We’ve certainly had days when something was amiss – the mouse, the keyboard, the mouse pad, the headset, or even the monitor was just not exactly comfortable enough for us to play the right way. And we’re sure that’s definitely one of the major concerns for professional eSports teams. Of course, not everybody is a Pro StarCraft II player or FPS competitor, but we all want the same thing – the equipment that will give you exactly what you need to perform to the best of your gaming abilities. Enter BenQ’s new line of gaming monitors – the XL2420T, XL2420XT, and the RL2450HT. These were designed specifically with FPS and RTS gaming in mind, with special modes and features that would give you just that slight edge when playing against Pros and Noobs alike. Chief of which is the new Black eQualizer technology that brightens the dark spots without blowing out the bright areas – a unique advantage to the BenQ gaming monitor line.


The BenQ XL2420T


The new BenQ XL2420T and TX versions are the higher-end, FPS-designed models of the new lineup and features the same popular 120hz refresh, 2ms GTG response time, 12M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 1920×1080 resolution, and various new features that are much improved from the XL2410 units that came before it. It has more than the usual pivot and tilt adjustments for comfortable use, and an upgraded touch control panel on the side for changing settings. But when it comes to fiddling with the settings, the included S Switch – a quick-access scroll wheel with customizable display profiles – will easily let gamers switch screen options in the press of a button. Both the XL2420T and the TX support NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 for viewing your games in three dimensions, but the TX does come with the IR emitter and glasses ready for use. Prices for these monitors are estimated to be around PHP 18k for the XL2420T and PHP 21k for the TX 3D-ready version.


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The BenQ RL2450HT


The BenQ RL2450H & HT is the recently released RTS-optimized version of the 24” panel from the Taiwanese manufacturer. It was co-developed by popular SC2 e-Sports team StarTales and even comes with a preloaded mode specifically designed for RTS gaming. In terms of specs, it has a 60hz refresh with 2ms GTG response, 12M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and 1920×1080 resolution. The RL2450T has a tilting mount, while the HT version comes with an upgraded Tilt, Pivot and Swivel mount. The price for the RL2450HT is estimated to be around PHP 12,000.




Of course, both the XT2420 and the RL2450 models both feature the much touted Black eQualizer technology. What this is in practice is actually a shadow area adjust – similar to post processing images – where the brightness of darker areas is increased but not the highlights in the same image. This creates less difference in between bright areas and dark areas, and hopefully will let you see more details in the dark. In video games in general, its similar to having a bit of nightvision but only for the dark areas of the image – giving you that slight bit of an edge in seeing the details in a relatively dark area of the screen.


Both the XT and RL models should be available now from BenQ retailers nationwide, so check them out and get gaming screen you’ve always wanted to dominate on.


For more pictures of the event, check out our gallery below.




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