Temple Run For Android Quick Look – Addictive Running Game From iOS

Temple Run For Android Quick Look – Addictive Running Game From iOS
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Much like Instagram before it, this next Quick Look is also about an iOS app (game) that eventually found its way onto Android devices. This time, we’re taking a look at something called Temple Run. You may or may have not heard of this one, but its a devilishly simple game – all you need to do is run as far as you can; get as many coins as you can; for as long as you can. Of course, its not always that simple: monkeys are after you and if you stumble twice, they’ll supposedly eat you or something. Along the way, you’ll also need to jump over gaps, slide under trees, avoid over traps, and even sidestep potential dangers. The beauty of the game is how deceptively simple it is – as after each try you always think you can do better. Retrying is quick and there’s no punishment for playing again and again. At the end of each game coins can be spent to acquire and upgrade several powerups which can help you improve your game – and that just improves your replay value just a tad bit. Check out our Quick Look of Temple Run for Android after the jump to see it in action!



So there you have it! A simple game that is pretty addicting in itself. We just hope you don’t indulge in spamming your friends with score messages – cause nobody cares, seriously. Just go play the game and don’t shove it in everybody’s throats.



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