Temple Run, Angry Birds Space, SimSimi Out Now On Android; Instagram On Beta Signups

Temple Run, Angry Birds Space, SimSimi Out Now On Android; Instagram On Beta Signups
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What would you say are the most popular apps for smartphones and tablets right now? Well for iOS users, it has always been Instagram – with Temple Run being a notable mention. When it comes to newly released trending apps, there’s also Angry Birds Space and the self-learning SimSimi AI chatting app. For Android users, the two iOS apps were normally out of reach and not available in our ecosystem. But fear not, because now you can have all four* (possibly not Instagram easily) as Temple Run, Angry Birds Space, SimSimi are now available and trending on the Android Market Google Play Store. Instagram however, is still on beta signups phase. Not being Instagram users though, we’re not really affected here. You could be though, so signup here. (Tip: It looks like its just a lame e-mail notice on when its available. Doesn’t sound like much of early beta access if you ask us.)


Temple Run (Android)


Temple Run, the quintessential time waster for iOS devices and spammer of your social networks is finally on Android so you can finally spam your friends those silly score messages as well. Remember when Facebook was nothing but Personality Quizzes and FarmVille spam? It’s like that. Oh fine, just download it anyway.


Angry Birds Space (Android)


And you thought Angry Birds couldn’t possibly get any more cliché’d right? Well you are dead wrong. Now, Angry Birds is in SPAAAAACCCCEEEEEE. Yeah, cliché app is cliché. But anyway, new mechanics include the lack of gravity and planet gravity stuff that influence the trajectory of your bird slinging. But seriously, its just more bird slinging if you’re not totally batshit bored of it by now.


SimSimi (Android)


And finally, the most unproductive addictive time waster of all: SimSimi. This self-learning chat AI app is pretty much making everybody much less useful these days, but hey they’re having fun so we don’t judge. You can even teach it Tagalog/Filipino while you’re at it. Our future leaders will forever be 10 IQ points dumber because they’ll spend years of their lives teaching an app a whole useless language instead of playing Chess or Monopoly. Yeah.


So there you have it. A bunch of new timewasters and social network spammers for your Android device. Go ahead and download them since they’re all free. If you need me, I’ll be behind our office shooting myself in the head.



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