Nokia N9 Unboxing–Unique Buttonless Meego Smartphone For PHP 25k/29.5k

Nokia N9 Unboxing–Unique Buttonless Meego Smartphone For PHP 25k/29.5k
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The Nokia N9


Well its been a long time coming but we finally got one in our hands – a Nokia N9 review unit. The buttonless device has been garnering a lot of attention from readers (that’s you!) and industry professionals alike on our articles, so we’ve been looking forward to checking it out in more detail. Of course the main thing you’ll notice on the N9 is that it isn’t running any semblance of a typical smartphone OS, and runs on a specific build of Meego – an advanced, Linux-based mobile OS that promises to deliver a smooth & proper-multitasking to a mobile device. Specs include a 1Ghz processor, 3.9” 854×480 AMOLED display, 8MP Camera + Dual LED Flash, 720x30FPS video recording, a front facing camera (can’t be used to take pictures yet), and Near-Field-Communications support. We will, of course, go into much more detailed specs in our review, but for now its all about our video unboxing feature – which you can check out after the jump.



And that’s all she wrote for a proper N9 unboxing. Meego as a whole is an interesting design, relying on three main screens instead of going for some dedicated areas for shortcuts and widgets. It should be noted that its “predecessor”, the Nokia N900 had an interesting interface with full support for resizable widgets and shortcuts. Apart from the UI difference, there’s also a commendable use of glass and AMOLED, a design touch that looks gorgeous from any angle – probably why the N9’s cousins the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 share the same design. The N9 will actually be the first and last Meego smartphone from Nokia, which makes the device particularly unique. Still, they’ve declared that support for the OS will remain strong and firmware updates will be released periodically to improve its feature set.


The Nokia N9 is available now through Nokia retailers for PHP 24,990 (16GB) and PHP 29,450 (64GB). You can also get them free from Smart’s Unlimited Data Plan 2000 (16GB), Plan 3000 (64GB), or All-in Plan 3500 (16GB). Feel free to check them out if you’re so inclined.



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  1. Soph R
    March 14, 18:23 #1 Soph R

    I got my hands on the N9 recently. There aren’t so many places that sell it in the UK, so I ended up getting it from these guys. I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The main appeal of the phone is definitely the design. It’s beautiful both structurally and in terms of the interface.

    I’ve had it for quite a few weeks now and the great thing is that it still looks new. By now, most of the phones I’ve bought in the past look worn, but this thing has no hint of any chip, dint or scratch. Must be a pretty solid build!

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