Samsung Galaxy Nexus Preview–Android 4.0 & Gorgeous HD Screen; Smart Exclusive

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Preview–Android 4.0 & Gorgeous HD Screen; Smart Exclusive
January 26 07:30 2012 Print This Article

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus


If you asked us today what phone we thought was the most gorgeous one we’ve seen, then its got to be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Google’s fourth flagship Android device. The device claims our “most gorgeous” award primarily because of an amazing design that puts a ridiculously beautiful 4.65” 1280×720 Super AMOLED screen front-and-center and scaling everything else back – a wise choice given that you’ll spend most of the time staring at that screen. The rest of the specs are flagship-level as well, giving you a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor; 5MP Camera with LED Flash capable of 1080p video; 1.3MP Front Facing camera capable of 720p video; and all running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. All these combined create a stunning device that’s sure to turn heads and make people smile. So with what better way to show you this than by our trademark HD video, right? Hop over the jump to check it out!


Samsung Galaxy Nexus Preview – Ice Cream Sandwich With 4.65″ HD SAMOLED Screen


So now that you’ve basked in the glory of that Galaxy Nexus video, do you agree? One thing is for sure – the device looks elegant and sophisticated with its buttonless design and completely black, logoless, glass-covered front. The deep Super AMOLED blacks complete the look by creating the illusion that the screen doesn’t end at all where it does – and that just makes it shine in our books.


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is currently exclusive to Smart, and you can pre-order from them here. Plans available include the UnliData Plan 2000 and the All-In Plan 3500, which also gives you the phone free as part of the contract. If you prefer unlocked devices, Widget City has been offering them for a while now and you can get them for PHP 29,500 here. (Screenshot this article to get freebies/discounts on Widget City.) Whichever the case, you’ll be getting a great phone that you’ll no doubt addictively stare at for long periods of time – pondering if this is what the blackness of space looks like.



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