ElectroWorld & Nikon Introduce The V1 & J1 Compact System Cameras For PHP 32k/44k

ElectroWorld & Nikon Introduce The V1 & J1 Compact System Cameras For PHP 32k/44k
December 22 14:32 2011 Print This Article

The Nikon V1 in white (w/ 10-30mm zoom Nikkor)


ElectroWorld recently invited us to check out one of their newest imaging products from Nikon – the V1 and J1 interchangeable lens cameras. These cameras fall under the CSC (compact system camera) range that’s become incredibly popular in the past few years. The promise of these devices is that they can perform about as good as any DSLR, but are designed to be small, lightweight and very pocketable. Nikon’s version of this philosophy was built from the ground up for high-speed shooting and can do 60FPS bursts or even 400/1200 FPS slow-motion video – it can even pick and choose the best shots in a quick burst of images. Though to achieve those speeds, the sensor has been shrunken to a crop factor of 2.7x. Despite that, Nikon promises great quality thanks to an improved 10MP CMOS sensor with enhanced low-light capabilities.


The Nikon J1 (left) and Nikon V1 (right) – both with 10mm f2.8 pancake


The Nikon J1 is the more consumer-oriented system camera from this new line that combines the sleekness of point-&-shoot with the flexibility and speed of more professional oriented devices. To achieve this, the camera sports a 3” LCD viewfinder for framing shots and a pop-up flash for general photography use. The V1 on the other hand, is a more professional unit with a built-in 1.4M dot electronic viewfinder, mechanical shutter and a proprietary hotshoe for accessories like an external flash – no built-in though. Of course, both will still get some amazing features including 10FPS burst AF-A (60FPS AF-S), 1080x30p/60i video recording, 400/1200FPS slow motion, smart photo selector during burst mode, motion snapshot mode, and a revolutionary sensor with phase detection built in – the world’s first. Finally, for users who are looking to utilize their line of F-mount (Nikon D/SLR) lenses, there will be an optional FT1 accessory (coming late December) so you can mount your Nikkor lenses onto the 1 System cameras.


The Nikon FT1 adapter for F-mount lenses


The Nikon J1 and V1 cameras are available now from ElectroWorld’s Nikon stores and comes with a 10-30mm (equiv. 27-81mm) f3.5-5.6 kit lens for PHP 31,999 and PHP 43,999 respectively. We have hands-on on these two devices and we’ll post some sample images, video, plus a preview – soon! (Just give us a day or two to upload stuff.)


For more pictures of the event, check out our gallery below.




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