We’ve Got PHP 1,000 Of Free Gas Thanks To MyFreeGas.Com.Ph–Advertising On Your Car

We’ve Got PHP 1,000 Of Free Gas Thanks To MyFreeGas.Com.Ph–Advertising On Your Car
December 15 12:17 2011 Print This Article

That’s 1k worth of free driving!


Another month, another PHP 1,000 worth of free gas – thanks to the guys at MyFreeGas.com.ph. You’re probably wondering what we’re talking about and may probably want to get in on the action. Well you’re in luck! If you’ve been reading some of our articles from a couple of weeks back, you’ll know that we signed up for a car sticker ad service in exchange for PHP 1,000 worth of gasoline every month – if we meet our mileage requirements. Thankfully, we did and so we got our Caltex StarCash card for a reward – and this should go on every month until our ad runs out or we miss our quotas. Since we’ve discussed most of the process of registering on our previous article here, we’ll walk you through the rest of the procedures involved – namely getting your sticker ad, driving around, and collecting your free gasoline.


Here’s the sticker on our sweet ride!


Once you’ve registered on their site and have gotten an approved ad, you will be contacted by My Free Gas staff to drive to your nearest Rapide service center and have your sticker ad placed on your rear windshield. The process is a relatively quick 30 minutes at the car center, though you’ll need a xerox copy of your OR/CR and other identification papers. They’ll record your starting mileage and document your sticker placement to make sure you have it before you leave. After that, you’re free to go.


The minimum required mileage to get free gasoline is 300KM – which under normal monthly driving we do manage to achieve (and surpass). When the month is nearly over, the staff from My Free Gas will notify you through text when the gas cards will be available. Just drive over to the Rapide center assigned to you at the dates provided (or even later if you want) and let the staff check your car for mileage. They’ll take pictures of your Odometer and if you got 300+KM in the allotted time period, they’ll hand you a PHP 1,000 Caltex StarCash. The card actually works for pretty much anything at Caltex, but we’ll just assume you’ll spend it all on gasoline.


This service isn’t just for car owners of course – businesses who would want to advertise on My Free Gas are also quite welcome. All you need to do is sign up on their site as an advertiser and have your ad appear on cars like ours. For more information about the My Free Gas system, you can check out their FAQ for car owners here, and the corresponding FAQ for advertisers here. You can also get more information from their Facebook fan page here.


Needless to say, we look forward to spending more months with a My Free Gas sticker on our windshields since it’s a great way to offset our expenses. After all, those gas prices just aren’t getting any lower these days.



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