SMART Is First To Offer The Samsung Galaxy S II? Wait, Now I’m Confused! (FAIL Smart AD?)

SMART Is First To Offer The Samsung Galaxy S II? Wait, Now I’m Confused! (FAIL Smart AD?)
November 30 23:24 2011 Print This Article

Notice something weird with this ad?


While checking out the newspaper the other day, we spotted this Smart ad gloating about the achievements that the Globe-competing telco has reached. However, upon closer inspection, we found a namedrop that seemed rather unusual, namely this: “First to launch cool state-of-the-art, top speed gadgets like Samsung Galaxy S II and Smart Rocket WiFi Plus.” Now, if we’ve been doing our jobs correctly, then we should be pretty sure that the Samsung Galaxy S II is, you know, a whole lot exclusive to Globe. Unless we’ve read this ad wrong, been punk’d by the newspaper guy, or just plain crazy, then we’re going to assume this was a whole lot of massive typo someone-might-get-fired-over-it error. A whole newspaper page worth of FAIL, if you will. (Unless Smart is actually getting a Galaxy S II of course.)




The newspaper in question is the November 29, 2011’s edition of The Philippine Star – one of the biggest newspapers in the Philippines – in the last full page of the World section. It mentions a few Smart achievements, including LTE, but drops the Samsung Galaxy S II’s name – even mentioning that they’re the first to launch it. While we haven’t done much of our homework in exclusivity deals, we’re pretty sure Globe has the Galaxy S II on lock. And even if they didn’t, Smart sure didn’t release it before they did. So what gives? Hell, we don’t know either. Checking the Smart site, both postpaid and prepaid, will yield no Galaxy S variants at all – least of which the new dual-core S II variant.


Not really sure what’s going on here, but we’re exploring options. The lettering suggests “S” with two lowercase “L”s but we don’t know of any Samsung model that goes by the name Galaxy S LL. (Galaxy SL exists though, but probably not something you’d talk about. Plus Smart doesn’t have it.) Maybe we missed something? Probably not. Unless Smart secretly released the S II before Globe did, or is planning to release a unique new version, then we’re at a loss.


Perhaps the best way to explain this is that someone really just did shovel a whole heap of fail onto this ad.


UPDATE: It seems the Galaxy S II does exist for Smart! They definitely didn’t get it before Globe did, but at least they have it. We guess the moral of the story here is, “OMG! Smart has SGS II!” Smart users who are SGS II fans rejoice! You can get it through Plan 3500 Customizer here. (Thanks for the tip, sir Joey!)



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