Oh Snap! Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple (Again)–This Time With Galaxy S2 & iPhone4S

Oh Snap! Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple (Again)–This Time With Galaxy S2 & iPhone4S
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Oh no they didn’t! Samsung US just made another jab at their famous smartphone competitor – the Apple iPhone 4s. This time, they’re comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy S II, and poking fun at the screen size difference, lack of 4G/LTE capabilities, some occasional issues from known blogs, and the sort-of stereotypical Apple user in their new YouTube Ad. It’s not uncommon for the two companies to trade blows like this, especially in the competitive high-end smartphone market. Check out the ad in question after the jump!


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The ad starts off showing some people lined up for something – probably the release of the iPhone 4s. Since the iPhone generally gets camped out when it launches, it’s easy to tell what’s going on. Of course, they’re shown listening to music with their iPod buds to make sure you know the deal. Then they spot some people outside the line enjoying their phones, and realize it’s a Samsung Galaxy S II – which come in multiple carrier variants in the US. What ensues is a couple of quick burns on the Apple product – including a screen comparison, 4G/LTE envy, and a quick jab at people who think that if you’re artistic then you should get an iPhone.


Its not the first time Samsung has done this, as they’ve also made fun of the iPad 2 before. They do make some compelling arguments along the way, so we give them that. Though, in most cases Apple does something else – sue them out of selling their phones/tablets and locking them out of entire countries. Whichever the case, watching these two major companies compete and trade blows can be pretty exciting. Who gets the last laugh? That’ll all depend on us, the consumers.



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