Timbre Gitara Unboxing–Team Manila-Designed 1st Local Headphones For PHP 2.5k

Timbre Gitara Unboxing–Team Manila-Designed 1st Local Headphones For PHP 2.5k
November 19 18:03 2011 Print This Article

The Timbre Gitara White


If you’ve been keeping up to date with local industry news – or hopefully this website – then you might have heard of a new local headphone brand called Timbre. The brand, pronounced as Tamber will be releasing their first model called the Gitara – aptly with a guitar-and-Philippine-flag-inspired design by Team Manila. The headphones comes in White or Black with a reasonably affordable pricetag of PHP 2,499 on December 15 at various shops – including Team Manila stores, The Sole Project, Wooden Canvas, Analog Soul, The A Shop, Wardrobe.ph, and Vinyl on Vinyl. To give you guys a sneak peek into the device, we were able to secure a review unit to test out. We’ll let you know what the verdict is on these, but for now, you can check out our video unboxing below!


Timbre Gitara Unboxing – First Philippine Headphones For Only PHP 2,499


Alright, that’s about it for our video unboxing of the Timbre Gitara white headphones – keep us in your bookmarks and check back in a few to find out what we think of these affordable local brand cans!



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  1. PaidReview
    November 22, 00:26 #1 PaidReview

    Beats ripoff much?

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  2. Mr.Jz
    November 26, 21:37 #2 Mr.Jz

    Looking forward to it,
    I like the black-red one, very cool

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  3. Nendogamer
    December 02, 20:18 #3 Nendogamer

    What’s the specs of this headset?

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    • panzerpuff
      December 02, 23:29 panzerpuff Author

      Hi Nendogamer, the specs are:

      Features & Specifications
      Adjustable Earpiece | Foldable Structure | Detachable Cord | Flat, Fabric Gold-Tipped Cord | Available in White and Black Color Ways | Loudhailer: 40 mm (Diameter) | Frequency Range: 20-20,000 MHz | Sensitivity: 110 dB | Impedance: 32 Ohm S.P.L. (at 1 KHz) | Maximum Power Input: 100 mW | Plug (mm): 3.5 mm stereo | Cable Length: ~ 1.2 m

      From their website here:


      Hope that helps!

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      • Tin Man
        December 20, 19:57 Tin Man

        what site? i can’t even see a thing from that link.

        can you please re-post it again?
        great thanks.

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        • panzerpuff
          December 20, 22:48 panzerpuff Author

          The page loads with a white Adobe flash page and it takes a couple of seconds to load. If you squint you’ll see the progress bar there. Not a perfect way to design Flash but there you go. =)

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  4. Victor Eroom
    September 17, 03:52 #4 Victor Eroom

    Are people in the U.S. going to be able to buy them too? And if so, how much will it be with shipping?

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  5. anna lopez
    April 11, 00:20 #5 anna lopez

    i love these headphones. it is perfect for ipad. ava.ph is giving away discount. http://ava.ph/shops/39-timbre-gitara-headphones.html?type=shop#sthash.AhP31U67.dpbs

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