How To Update Your Cherry Mobile Magnum HD To Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

How To Update Your Cherry Mobile Magnum HD To Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
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Firmware updates are a popular topic among Android users, which is probably why Cherry Mobile has been keen on providing its users with updates to their Google-powered mobile devices. And since we’ve recently got a Cherry Mobile Magnum HD unit for review, of course we decided to download the update file from the Cherry Mobile servers and record a video to help you guys update your Magnum HDs as well. So without further ado, here is our video on how to update your Magnum HD from Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. (Video after the jump!)


You can download the Gingerbread update for the Magnum HD from the Cherry Mobile website here. Thankfully, unlike other the update files that we’ve tried on the Nova and Orbit, the Magnum HD update doesn’t wipe the phone – leaving your contacts, messages, and other settings completely intact. All you need to do is download the file and copy it onto the root folder of your Micro SD card, rename it to firmware.nb0, then follow the instructions on the video below.


Update Your Cherry Mobile Magnum HD To Gingerbread


And that should do it! Your phone should now be running on Android version 2.3.4 Gingerbread. Most of the customizations that we noticed from the Android 2.2 version are still present, with some extra new apps – though we’re not sure if most users would need them. You do get the new Notification bar on the top and the slight upgrade in performance from Gingerbread enhancements as well. Either way, we thank Cherry Mobile for supporting their products with firmware updates even as other smartphone companies are struggling to keep up with theirs.


We’ll be reviewing the Cherry Mobile Magnum HD as a Gingerbread phone from now on, so watch out for our coverage here in The Technoclast!



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  1. bernard
    November 23, 18:30 #1 bernard

    Hi! i am very interested with the Magnum HD but I also like the SE Xperia Mini. i am planning to buy a smartphone this month and my choice is either of the two phones. what do you think i should choose and why?

    thank you for your reply.

    • panzerpuff
      November 23, 18:45 panzerpuff Author

      Hi Bernard!

      Those are some interesting options there – since the Xperia Mini is really small and the Magnum HD is very big. They both have 1Ghz processors, but the Magnum HD has a larger 4.1″ 800×480 screen over the Xperia’s 3″ 320×480.

      We think your best choice is the Magnum HD because the screen size is a big plus. But if you have small pockets/hands/bags then go for the Xperia.

      Hope that helps!

      • bernard
        November 25, 00:15 bernard

        Hi sir!

        thank you for your reply. i’m still thinking if the quality of the Magnum HD is equivalent or it will surpass the quality of SE Xperia Mini. some friends of mine is saying that it is much safer to buy the SE brand than the CM brand smartphone.

        i’m a big fan of magnum hd but i’m hesitant if it will just break easily.

        and lasyly, do you think the magnum hd will have an Android 4.0 upgrade like the Xperia Mini?

        thanks again for the reply. i’m really confused right now.

        • panzerpuff
          November 25, 08:07 panzerpuff Author

          Its definitely a little safer to go for the Sony, but that’s why we review phones – to let people know if they’re good products to get even for the long haul. While we haven’t tried the Mini yet, we’re sure that it does pass a certain quality standard from Sony. Understandably, Cherry Mobile’s quality control isn’t a known value yet (or sometimes not in a good light) so its good to be a little skeptical.

          Our review unit seems particularly sturdy anyway, but we did notice some issues that we want to confirm first before posting about them. (They’ll be mentioned in the review.)

          As for Ice Cream Sandwich, Sony confirmed they’re upgrading their 2011 line (including Xperia Mini) to ICS. Given the speed at which Sony delivers their updates though, it’ll probably take a long time.

          Cherry Mobile does roll out updates to their phones, but we doubt they’ll go as far as ICS for Magnum HD as it is a 1 year old phone (today) and they’ll probably move onto their newer Android phones instead.

          We don’t think getting ICS is a big deal at all, really. We’re pretty comfortable with just sticking to Froyo/Gingerbread for now, and will probably only be compelled to want to upgrade very late in 2012.

          Hope that helps!

    • Burn
      November 24, 05:43 Burn

      Hi Bernard!

      Have you considered the Live With Walkman? Specs are almost same, and has a bigger screen than the Mini (3.2″ vs 3.0″). Compared with the Magnum, it’s already on GB with a planned upgrade for ICS, and a secondary camera and it’s got a really slick styling too. But then again, Magnum has a huge screen with the same price point. Just sharing. c”,)

  2. marvi
    December 01, 11:06 #2 marvi

    HI! can this update also be applicable to cherry mobile orbit,since they have the same firmware/software? any orbit updates? i want also to update my orbit to gingerbread! thanks a lot dude!

    • panzerpuff
      December 01, 11:12 panzerpuff Author

      Hi marvi! Unfortunately, you can’t use this update on your Orbit. They have different hardware inside so the update ROM will be different in terms of hardware configurations. Most importantly the Orbit has two SIMs and the Magnum HD has one – it won’t be compatible.

      Hope that helps!

  3. bernard
    December 07, 23:26 #3 bernard

    Hi! it’s me again. I’ve read a review of this phone. it says there that the unit that they he is using reboots or restarts by itself. is this common to all Magnum HD or does this happen to your unit?

    thanks so much!

    • panzerpuff
      December 08, 09:57 panzerpuff Author

      It did crash once or twice, but wasn’t very prominent to have us concerned. It’s possible that the Gingerbread update might have fixed these problems as most review sites have tried this phone before the 2.3 update.

      However we do have our own issues with the device so we’ll mention that in our review – hopefully up soon. =)

      • bernard
        December 09, 22:34 bernard

        thanks for the reply! I hope your review comes up before Christmas. I really need to see it. Thanks again!

  4. err
    January 12, 20:17 #4 err

    Prob ko sa cherry mobile magnum ko every time i make a call black lng ung screen so if i need to talk to the operator and press certain key hindi pwede. Another thing is that i tried updating the software ng magnum ko and twice nghang ung in the middle of the update and ayaw n magboot up. Ended up sending the unit to the shop twice :-(

    • panzerpuff
      January 13, 01:37 panzerpuff Author

      Hmm, did you try calling without placing it near your face or covering the proximity sensor? The screen will turn off if you do.

      But if that’s not the problem, hopefully Cherry Mobile got it fixed! =)

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