Cherry Mobile’s New Androids–Cheapest Dual-SIM / Dual-Core Phones & Tablets

Cherry Mobile’s New Androids–Cheapest Dual-SIM / Dual-Core Phones & Tablets
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You have to hand it to Cherry Mobile – they’ve really gone out of their way to maintain their leadership in offering the cheapest android phones here in the Philippines (and arguably on feature phones as well). Nothing encompasses that statement even more than the recent launch of their newest line of Android-powered devices – bringing with them a total of seven new phones and tablets to complement the already existing lines. And this time, they’re doubling down on the double SIMs. (Pun intended) The new droids range from dual-SIM entry-level Androids the Candy and Candy Chat priced at PHP 3,699; the dual-SIM midrange Stellar Gingerbread device for PHP 7,899; the new flagship dual-core Magnum 2X at PHP 15,899; two entry-level tablets the Cherry Pad (PHP 3,899) and Cherry Pad Turbo (PHP 6,899); and finally the Tegra 2-powered Supreme dual-core tablet at PHP 16,899.


The Cherry Mobile Candy and Candy Chat


The Cherry Mobile Candy and Candy Chat are two of the newly announced devices and they’re now tied for the accolade of being two cheapest android phones in the Philippines at only PHP 3,699. For that money you get a dual-SIM android running at 416Mhz, resistive screens, 1.3MP cameras, Bluetooth, FM radio, WiFi, all of which are running under Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo. The Candy Chat has a QWERTY keyboard with a 2.4” screen while the Candy has a 2.8” screen. Both seem to be running at 320×480 resolution but that was not specified in the spec sheets. Despite the resistive screens and slower CPU speeds, these two will definitely be pretty popular among the entry-level Android crowds – especially since they’re now the most affordable androids to date. These two should be available near the end of November, so look out for them in a week or so!


The Cherry Mobile Stellar


Next up in the list of new Android phones is the Cherry Mobile Stellar dual-SIM. It’s a new midrange spec’d Android phone with dual SIM/Standby capability for only PHP 7,899. For the price, you can get some pretty good specs – including an 800Mhz processor, 3.5” 320×480 screen, 5MP Camera, the aforementioned dual-SIM capabilities, and all running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has 3G but we’re not sure if it is present in both SIMs – probably just one as with most dual-SIM 3G Androids. Still, you’re getting a device with pretty good specs for the price. This is Cherry Mobile’s new dual-SIM android with a capacitive screen and processor on or above 600Mhz, so any dual-SIM users who skipped the Orbit (or upgrading from it) should definitely check this one out.


Datasheet_Magnum 2X
The Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X


Of course we couldn’t round out the list of new smartphones without going for the flagship – the Android 2.2-powered Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X. This new dual-core demon is powered by the popular NVidia Tegra 2 Chipset clocked at 1Ghz per core. Of course, dual-core means that there’s two 1Ghz cores in there, which means it should rock any application you throw at it, 3D games included. Rounding out the specs include a 3.8” 800×480 resolution capacitive screen, 5MP rear camera, VGA front camera, and your usual Android connectivity options. The Magnum 2X is available now for PHP 15,899 from your local Cherry Mobile stores. For more of our coverage of the Magnum 2X, you can check out our other articles here.


The Cherry Mobile Cherry Pad and Cherry Pad Turbo


Moving onto tablets we have two new budget-friendly ones – the Cherry Pad and Cherry Pad Turbo. Priced at PHP 3,899 and PHP 6,899 respectively, these 7” tablets are designed to be picked up by two different consumer demographics. The more-affordable Pad version has a resistive screen, 800Mhz processor, VGA camera, and running Android 2.2. While the Pad Turbo version has a capacitive screen, HDMI port, 1.2Ghz processor, 2MP rear camera, VGA front camera, and running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Both of these tablets are still quite wallet-friendly and in some cases might be cheaper than some Chinese iPad knockoffs. Anyone looking for that one affordable tablet with proper Android support and customer service should definitely take a look at the Cherry Pad and Turbo variants.


The Cherry Mobile Supreme Tablet


Finally, we’re up to the Cherry Mobile Supreme tablet – one of the most interesting new offerings this season. It is a dual-core NVidia Tegra 2 powered tablet that will eventually be updated to run on the popular Honeycomb version of Android. Priced at PHP 16,899, the tablet offers features that include a 1Ghz dual-core processor, 10.1” capacitive screen, 3G connectivity, 2MP camera, and a Mini HDMI out port among other Android connectivity options. The device comes out of the box with Android 2.2 initially, but an upgrade to Android 3.2 should be available before the end of the year. Anybody looking for a potentially Honeycomb-powered tablet in the near future should take a look at the Supreme when it comes out early in December.


For a quick sneak peak on some of the new Android devices, check out our video below.


Cherry Mobile Invasion – New Android Phones & Tablets Preview


Fans of non-Android devices also shouldn’t feel left out, as Cherry Mobile will be having a promo called the “Cherrys of Christmas,” where special discounted prices and other freebies will be offered with a variety of their dual-SIM models, TV phones, Touchscreen, and WiFi devices. For more information on these promos and devices, of course you should check out their website here, and their Facebook Fan Page here.


For more pictures of the event, check out our gallery below.




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