Nokia N9 Launched–Preorder Now With Smart Plans; Or Unlocked For PHP 25k/29.5k

Nokia N9 Launched–Preorder Now With Smart Plans; Or Unlocked For PHP 25k/29.5k
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Nokia has finally launched one of the most anticipated phones this year – the Nokia N9. The all-touchscreen, buttonless phone will be arriving in stores sometime during the last week of November. If you can’t wait, you can preorder now through Smart Plans and get some awesome free gifts along the way. Or if you want it unlocked, the N9 will be available soon with an SRP of PHP 24,990 for the 16GB variant, and PHP 29,450 for the 64GB variant. The device comes in black, cyan or magenta and is packaged with a silicon case included – a great additional value.


We’ve definitely talked about the Nokia N9 before, and we’ve had a couple of posts to show for it. Simply put, the device is one of Nokia’s premier smartphones this year and will be running a special OS called Meego. The software and hardware is designed specifically for a UI that works with no front buttons. You basically swipe from the edge of the screen to change between apps, notifications, main menu, and multitasking menus. There are other neat tricks as well, but swiping from the edge is the most important one you’ll need to learn. This new interface is powered by a 1Ghz processor, shown through a 3.9” 854×480 resolution AMOLED screen. It also has NFC-support, 8MP Camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash, 720p video recording, and a front facing camera. (Software support for FF camera will supposedly come later in an update.) To see more of this phone, you can check out our video preview below.


Nokia N9 (Meego) Preview


You can get your Nokia N9 free with Smart’s Unlimited Data Plan 2000 (16GB), Plan 3000 (64GB), or All-in Plan 3500 (16GB). You can also preorder it with an All-in Plan 3500 with a PHP 1,200 cash out. Pre-ordering is ongoing through Smart and Nokia’s Websites, and will last until November 18 – with phones becoming available on November 21. You’ll also be getting a Nokia Wireless Music Receiver for your troubles – and you can watch it in action below!


Nokia Wireless Music Receiver–Trailer


So if you’re interested in picking up an N9, go sign up for that preorder now! Or you can wait for the unlocked versions later which go for the aforementioned PHP 24,990 (16GB) and PHP 29,450 (64GB). Whichever the case, enjoy your new Nokia!


For more pictures of the launch event, check out the gallery below.




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