Pinoy Gaming Festival Holds Massive DotA, SC2 Tourneys, Cosplay Competition & More!

Pinoy Gaming Festival Holds Massive DotA, SC2 Tourneys, Cosplay Competition & More!
November 10 20:03 2011 Print This Article

Nope, we don’t have a picture of Alodia for you!


Over the long weekend leading up to our All Saints’/Souls’ Day vacations – specifically on October 28-30, 2011 – IonTech, a local hardware distributor, held this year’s Pinoy Gaming Festival. The event, co-promoted and organized by our own famous DotA/SC2 pro team Mineski, took place in Metro Manila’s newest tech and gadget mecca – the SM North EDSA Cyberzone. Tournaments were held to determine some very big positions in international competitions – including a DotA wild card for Mineski’s Pro League, and a position for our World Cyber Games Starcraft 2 representative. Other events included a cosplay competition complete with obligatory Alodia appearance, a planking competition, rig building competition, and of course a lot of prizes and contests to be won by the enthusiastic public attendees.


Most of the audience had a proper place to sit and enjoy the event


We were present at the event to check out the festivities – and it was impressively held together and well organized. There were computers on stage to hold the competition, and DotA teams, SC2 competitors would sit up there to compete. (As well as a whole row of computers on the side for non-stage team competitions.) There’s a big screen behind them, with live feed of the game, and a booth on the right for casting the tournament and other announcements. Hosts would keep the games and crowd going with intermissions and giveaways/contests to participants.




As fans of Starcraft ourselves, (but can’t play worth squat) it was amazing to see how much E-Sports have come in local scene. There were passionate reactions with the crowd and there were some great games to be seen. Of course, everyone’s favorite DotA was also very well represented over the three-day competition. In fact, there was a whole part of the program that was dedicated at giving the crowd an introduction to Valve’s DotA 2 beta. We were able to play 2 games of the new Hero Arena game and came off impressed. Big thanks to Mineski for letting us check out their beta copies!




For Dota, the Team Mineski.Infinity PowerColor took home the crown; and for SC2’s WCG qualifier, Mski.Enderr won with an impressive showing of his Zerg strategies. All these games have been casted and streamed quite impressively by the organizers and you should be able to find the replays or streams on the Mineski webpage.


In all, the Pinoy Gaming Festival was a fun event to watch. The cosplay competition – which includes the popular cosplay personality Alodia Gosengfiao – definitely draws the crowds in, but the E-Sports games have an amazing draw in any gamer from casual to hardcore. We’re looking forward to see more, and hope that the local scene grows even more!


Pinoy Gaming Festival Ad


The Pinoy Gaming Festival was sponsored by: inno3D, NVidia, SM Cyberzone, Mineski Infinity, Razer, PLDT, EMS, Cooler Master, ECS, LG, and Kingston Technology.


For more pictures of the event, check out the gallery below!




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