AyosDito.PH Invites You To Connect With Your Facebook Account & Win Prizes

AyosDito.PH Invites You To Connect With Your Facebook Account & Win Prizes
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AyosDito.PH, one of the Philippines’ popular online shopping (and selling) sites, have recently just improved their systems to become much more connected to everybody’s favorite social networking site: Facebook. This new social integration allows you to share your finds and even items for sale on the popular online network – bringing with it the whole notion of social connectivity and communications. With millions of Filipinos logging onto Facebook everyday, the chances of improving the efficiency and capability of finding a buyer or seller of that must-have item just so much more easier. And to encourage everybody (including you) to connect their AyosDito.PH accounts with their Facebook profiles, the online shopping destination will be hosting a Connect & Win raffle promo for all who sign up. Up for grabs are some of the most sought after gadgets this season – 50 iPhones & iPads (2 & 3 given away each week for 10 weeks), and PHP 1,000,000 for the Grand Prize.




Joining the raffle is pretty easy as most of the work is done by your Facebook account (assuming you already have one). Just go to the Connect & Win area of the AyosDito.PH website and click the big red join button. It should either ask you to login to your Facebook account or ask you to Allow linking it with the Ayosdito Connect app. Once you’ve done these, all that remains is to add in some extra details like your phone number and e-mail.


What that gives you is an automatic 10 raffle tickets for the current week’s raffle draw – where 2 iPhone 4’s and 3 iPad 2’s get raffled off. These tickets will also be included in the final grand draw for PHP 1,000,000. And if you don’t win just yet, you can keep earning tickets for the succeeding weeks which started on August 29, until the final draw on November 7, 2011. To earn those tickets, you can do a variety of things – posting an ad will give you 10 more, while inviting a friend, sharing an ad, being recommended and liking an ad will all give you 1 each.


Posting An Ad is pretty easy


As we’re sure everybody has something in their household they don’t need anymore and would love to put up for sale, AyosDito sounds like it’s a good place to start. We decided to check it out and put up one of our old Xbox accessories for sale. Creating an ad is as easy as registering too – just click the Post an Ad link and there’s a simple form to fill out. When you finish, the AyosDito team will review it and your item should be up on the site within 24 hours. The ad will be shown for 60 days in their registry so you should be able to get some great views from it. The bonus of course is that by adding a legitimate ad here will net us 10 more raffle tickets for their promo! UPDATE: The review and approval process was very quick. It only took about 15 minutes before our ad got approved. You can check it out here!


Our approved ad!


There’s still about 3 weeks to go to the grand draw as of this writing so that should still mean that 6 iPhones and 9 iPads will be raffled away – not to mention the PHP 1MM grand prize. That should give you plenty time to get acquainted with the site and earn some points for yourself. Of course, the goal here is to also encourage you to check out the e-commerce going on and find those bargain deals. So don’t pass it up. Currently, we’re fixated at stylish cameras so we’ve been checking out the Olympus Micro 4/3 devices such as this one here.


For more information about the AyosDito Connect feature, you can check out their information page here. Alternatively, you can check out this video below talking about the site and the Connect & Win raffle.


AyosDito Interview – All you need to know about AyosDito.ph and our Connect & Win promo




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