Multiply Invites You To Start Your Own Online Store & Enter The League Of Hobbyists

Multiply Invites You To Start Your Own Online Store & Enter The League Of Hobbyists
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Recently held an event inviting collectors and hobbyists to practice their craft and entrepreneurial skills by turning their beloved pastime to a successful online store (or browse online stores to buy and collect more). All this is now possible through Multiply’s extensive new marketplace feature set. You might be asking though, “Is this limited to just collectors and individuals dedicated to their hobbies?” Of course not, because we’re sure that everybody has a hobby there or skill that they can practice, showcase, explore and even make money from through online selling and trading. Don’t believe us? Check those closets of yours and you’ll see. I’m sure everybody has boxes of books, toys, clothes, shoes, and figurines – we’ve all been there.




For us, we can actually dig out a lot of stuff – ranging from gadgets, to books, and to games we used to play. I’m sure some of you guys have boxes of Magic: The Gathering sitting in your closet somewhere. We also have gaming consoles, controllers, games, DVDs, Music CDs. We even have old phones, cameras, PCs, books, and bags. Now, don’t ever let anyone tell you gadgets aren’t a hobby, or collectible cards – because they are. And if you’re having a garage sale, why not put it all up on Multiply’s marketplace as well? They make it pretty easy.




The new system has been built to create a space for current Multiply sellers to migrate their products from the old format into the new. It is designed to skip a lot of steps in process of dealing and therefore would let you buy items from the website directly – without needing to contact the seller offline or during available hours. If you’ve ever tried Amazon or eBay, you’ll feel right at home. Products are listed on the sellers page with appropriate buy buttons – which walk you through a process of filling in your shipment data. Afterwards, a payment request is sent to you and all you need to do is take the appropriate steps to pay the money through accredited banks and affiliates. The seller will receive confirmation of your payment and their chosen courier will take your product to you – simple as that. Multiply also screens sellers and gives them Trusted badges, as well as offering Buyer Protection to consumers – making transactions on their site as safe as ever. You know, the only thing missing is the ability to pay through credit cards – but then we don’t know if we’ll be able to control our buying urges if that happened.


To check out Multiply and/or register for an account / seller account, go to their website here. To see more pictures of the event, check out our pictures below. We’ll also list a couple of our favorite Multiply below that to get you started!



Our list of favorite Multiply sellers: (some use the new ordering system, some still use the old)



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  1. Gian Faye
    October 12, 01:01 #1 Gian Faye

    I really like the new Multiply Marketplace, I’m thinking of opening an eStore for my blog. I’ve been on Multiply since 2007 and haven’t visited a lot this year (2011) because of other sites who offer the same services as Multiply does. But now I’m thinking of getting active on the site again. Good update, Multiply! I’ll be expecting more good news to come.

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    • panzerpuff
      October 12, 01:24 panzerpuff Author

      Yeah, and there’s also a site redesign coming up so hopefully it’ll look better too. The new automated ordering system worked pretty well when we gave it a try.

      What it needs now is a great way to search for products like evilBay or Amazon – and of course the aforementioned credit card transactions. =)

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