Sanji Mede8er 500X2 Launches–Upgraded Multimedia Player For Home Entertainment

Sanji Mede8er 500X2 Launches–Upgraded Multimedia Player For Home Entertainment
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The Mede8er MED500X2


Sanji Electronics recently invited us to unveil their newest home entertainment media player – the Mede8er MED500X2. The new player, which for our intents and purposes will call the Mede8er X2, is the second generation of this said player. It’s predecessor, the Mede8er MED500X is already being enjoyed in a lot of homes (and we imagine workplaces) so the brand is actually something well known in the home entertainment business. With the X2, Sanji have improved the already popular MED500X system with performance enhancements and ability to support larger hard drive systems.


The Mede8er MED500X2 is technically what you would call a networked media player for your home entertainment system. It sits nicely where you would want your Blu-Ray player, DVD player, set top box, and receiver – replacing most of what these devices are known to do and yet still have some online features to boot. The Mede8er is like a computer designed to play all the newest video, audio, and image formats and push it to your big TV at home. And if you’ve ever tried to watch a movie from a small laptop with tinny speakers, you’ll agree that it just isn’t the right way to experience the media.




With the Mede8er, you can push all your DIVX, XVID, MKV, MP4, MOV, MP3, WAV, JPG, BMP and pretty much 95% of file formats that you have onto the box – DTS and Dolby Digital are even supported. You can install a hard drive on its user-installable bay (some dealers will have HDDs installed already), and it supports up to 3 Terabytes of storage – more than you’ll ever need if you do install something so huge. There’s enough inputs and ports on the back so you can send your data to your X2 and you can definitely use as many ways to send it to your entertainment system. HDMI, Coaxial, Optical, Component, Composite are all supported. You can even attach a USB mass media device on the USB port to view and manage its contents. Connectivity with LAN is supported out of the box, and an optional wireless adapter is available for purchase if you want that functionality.




A bevy of controls are available on the box itself, but you are also given a fully laid out remote control for easy couch use. But of course, since the X2 supports a web browser and YouTube client, you can use and install a couple of wireless keyboard for easier operation.


We had the chance to watch a 1080p video of the Dark Knight at the event, and the high definition quality of the video really shines. Most computers, even the most powerful ones aren’t meant to handle 1080p video and will tend to snag and skip frames – rendering the movie experience terrible. With the Mede8er, you can enjoy Full HD movies without slowdowns and media player problems – and all in the relaxing environment of your couch with your friends and family.


The Mede8er MED500X2 is retailing for about PHP 9,000 without the HDD. Specific pricing and configuration availability is based on the dealer. For a list of retailers, you can download the list here. (Excel 97 Format)



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