New BlackBerry Torch Video Mistakenly Shows HTC Incredible S’ Keyboard Instead

New BlackBerry Torch Video Mistakenly Shows HTC Incredible S’ Keyboard Instead
August 22 00:48 2011 Print This Article

The HTC Incredible S (Shown on a BlackBerry video)


So let’s say you were Research in Motion, and you’re trying to promote the new BlackBerry Torch 9850 and 9860 full touch bar phones. Of course, as a company that has only been making QWERTY portrait phones and sliders with QWERTY keyboards, you’d want to make sure that your customers see your new onscreen keyboard. That’s technically what this video’s intention is to be – except they clipped in video of the wrong phone. What they’ve mistakenly added to their video, twice, was undoubtedly an HTC Incredible S – we’d recognize those auto-rotating buttons anywhere! Not convinced? We’ll show you the original BlackBerry Ad and our proof below!


RiM BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 – Take Note Of The Keyboard


So the new BlackBerrys are actually almost identical devices to each other. They’re now 1.2Ghz (single-core) powered devices with 3.7” 800×480 resolution displays and running on BlackBerry OS 7. They both have the same 5MP Cameras, 720p video recording, and your usual WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS suite of connectivity options. While these don’t seem anything new, they’re completely different from what Research in Motion have been known to make – QWERTY portrait bar phones. (And some touch QWERTY portrait sliders.) The new BlackBerry OS 7 also promises the newest updates and of course support for the onscreen keyboard. You can check out these two phones at the video below and look out for the bits of it where a keyboard is shown. (Source: Engadget)



Did you catch that? Look closely at the phone being shown at 0:15 and 0:27. That didn’t look like the BlackBerry Torch at all. In fact, the keyboard and notification bar kind of looks like its an Android phone. It is indeed, an Android device. While we’re at it, we can actually tell you what exact phone it is – the HTC Incredible S. That rotated home button is a dead giveaway. And if you want proof, check out one of our old Incredible S videos below – coincidentally showing its keyboard and rotating buttons.


HTC Incredible S Auto-Rotating Buttons Demo


It’s no wonder that this video was pulled so quickly after it went up. Someone must have mistakenly shot an Incredible S during the filming of this event and then it got edited into the video – twice. That’s quite an epic fail whale there. We sure hope their jobs are still safe after this ordeal. It’s not a complete mess especially since the video was pulled, but that’s still embarrassing.


If you’re interested in the Incredible S, you can check out our previous articles here.



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