Google+ App For Android Now Available–Anybody Still Need Invites?

Google+ App For Android Now Available–Anybody Still Need Invites?
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Users of Google’s newest social networking venture, Google+, can now download the Android app in the local marketplace. Originally available only in other parts of the world, the app is now searchable and installable here in the Philippines. Not that it has been hard to find or install regardless – as you can easily download the APK and “sideload” the install like most people do with region-locked apps. At least now, there’s a little less hassle involved – and you can keep it updated as well without needing to search the web for the new APK. Also, if you need an invite, we can send you one. Details after the jump!


Of course we know what Google+ is by now, right? It’s Google’s new social service that is designed to rival Facebook for possibly some decent social networking supremacy. Though its still quite young, there’s a decent amount of interest on it and the some of the ideas are promising.


That’s not exactly what we’re talking about in this article though. The Android app for the Google+ social network platform is out now for Philippine users, and we like it. It’s definitely much better than the extremely garbage Facebook app for Android. So when we’re on our phones we’d rather check Google+ – mainly because the app is so much better. This is helped by a great implementation of chat called Huddle – which is more than we can say for the Facebok app’s chat functionalities.


Far from doing a whole review on the app itself though, we’d rather let you check it out. You can download the app from the Android Market here. Or you can scan the barcode below to do the same.




Check out the video below while you’re downloading to see a quick tour of what you can do with the app.


The Google+ project: Explore Mobile


For all you guys who are still not on Google+, you can leave a comment here with your e-mail and we’ll send you an invite. To preserve your privacy, we’ll delete your comment or hide it as soon as we send the invite so nobody else can see it. Or you can send us your e-mail address in a private message to our Twitter here, though that usually requires certain follow-er/ing standards.

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  1. Angelo
    July 31, 20:54 #1 Angelo

    can you invite me? [e-mail cut out] thanks!

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  2. Adrian
    August 05, 09:12 #2 Adrian

    I could not wait for the app to be available in the Philippines, so I searched the net for a download. I thought it was never coming, any soon that is. Can I add you in my circles?

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  3. Rob Joe
    August 17, 05:14 #3 Rob Joe

    Brilliant Post!
    I found it really useful.
    I’ve also subscribed to your RSS, Hoping to see more great content soon!


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  4. Joanne
    August 19, 08:10 #4 Joanne

    Invite please :) Thank you.

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