HTC Evo 3D Coming To Europe In July–Any Hope For The Philippines?

HTC Evo 3D Coming To Europe In July–Any Hope For The Philippines?
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The HTC Evo 3D GSM


The long rumored 3D phone for the world GSM band is finally (about to be) out! The HTC Evo 3D GSM has been finally announced to release in European markets this coming July. And since its GSM, it should work pretty much anywhere (U.S. not so much) – and yes, that means even the Philippines. Does that mean we’ll be getting 3D goodness from HTC soon? We can only hope!




So the HTC Evo 3D (GSM) is like the HTC Sensation, except with some extra 3D powers. It’s running on a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 4.3” qHD (960×540) resolution screen, dual 5MP Cameras with dual LED flash (we’ll explain the dual cameras later), 1080p video, 1.3MP front facing camera, WiFI b/g/n in an Android 2.3 packing device. What’s special about the phone is its 3D capabilities. The phone has 2 cameras in the back (5MP each) to capture 3D stereoscopic pictures and video. You can get 3D images, and up to 720p 3D video. (Bonus photography thing: it can do HDR images with the double sensors.) What’s more, the screen is one of those newfangled glasses-free 3D screens. So not only are you getting a high resolution LCD, you can also view your pictures and videos in 3D without even needing those fancy goofy glasses you get at the movies.


The phone and tech isn’t particularly new, we’ve definitely seen these in a couple of devices before – including the Nintendo 3DS, the LG Optimus 3D (which isn’t even released yet), and HTC’s own HTC Evo 3D CDMA version (US only). The Evo 3D GSM is obviously based on its CDMA cousin, so the tech and build is already a known quantity. However, its great to know that Europe is finally getting its own 3D on. Sadly though, there isn’t any announcement for other regions, so we can only hope it gets brought here by our local HTC Philippines guys. Pricing is also unknown, but Europe is said to get it this July – and that starts in a couple of days. So send a strongly worded letter to your congressman HTC Philippines people and maybe they’ll bring it in!


Watch the video below to check out the phone in more detail. (Note: Video is of CDMA version with red accents.)


HTC EVO 3D–First Look

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  1. specialk
    June 28, 09:16 #1 specialk

    how i wish lumabas to sa philippines…. its going to be a toss up between LG or HTC for me… release it sa Phil please!!!

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