HTC ChaCha Headed For SMART; Brings Facebook Button

HTC ChaCha Headed For SMART; Brings Facebook Button
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The HTC ChaCha


As an interesting take on the popularity of Facebook over all the other social networking sites out there, HTC have introduced the HTC ChaCha and Salsa “Facebook” phones. These are Android 2.3 Gingerbread running phones with a dedicated Facebook share button for faster spamming sharing of whatever you’re thinking of, eating, or doing. For those interested in the big blue Facebook button on phones, Smart has apparently picked up the HTC ChaCha QWERTY bar for Philippine distribution.


The HTC ChaCha is a departure to the usual touchscreen bar build with the aforementioned QWERTY keyboard bar form factor. It is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread at 600MHz with a 2.6” 480×320 capacitive touchscreen display, has a 5MP camera with LED flash and has a front facing VGA camera for video calling. Rounding out the features include WiFi connectivity up to N standard, the usual Android trimmings and of course the Facebook button.




The Facebook button is said to be context sensitive like the Search button on Android/Windows phones. When pressed, it will let you share whatever you’re currently doing on your phone – viewing pictures, playing music, sharing statuses, websites and contacts. For dedicated Facebook sharing enthusiasts, this should simplify a lot of the process by skipping the steps to launch a Facebook application or opening it through a web browser on phones or desktops.




There’s no word on the release (or price) and the Smart website isn’t up-to-date. However, we did spot a large advertisement about Android phones, including the HTC Desire S, with the ChaCha on the bottom – which should at least mean its coming. Since the phone is already available in other territories, it shouldn’t be much longer, probably.


If you want to see more of the Facebook-buttoned phone, check out the video below.


HTC ChaCha–First Look

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