Sony Online Servers Get Hacked–100M Accounts Compromised

Sony Online Servers Get Hacked–100M Accounts Compromised
May 06 11:09 2011 Print This Article

Photo Credit: Reuters, Wall Street Journal


Sony’s in a lot of trouble these days, as some of their major online services, including the PlayStation Network, have been hacked – and pretty badly too. It had to shut down most of its online services, including Qriocity, PSN, and Sony Online Entertainment (Sony MMO titles). With no current end in sight to the problem and their vulnerabilities, its getting to be quite an embarrassment for the company.


Basically, and we wouldn’t bore you with the details, is that Sony’s servers for most of its online games and digital distribution have been hacked by unknown individuals – and that unfortunately, personal and credit card information may have been taken from their servers. This is one of the largest breaches in online history compromising about 100+ million accounts over all Sony services.


Sony has come out with an apology, but the worrying fact is that they have even confessed to the fact that they’ve known certain security flaws before this even happened. Leaving openings to your system like this is a major negligence on their part, and leaves a lot of customers unhappy. The PlayStation Network has been down for more than a week now, and it’s been starting to become a little of a running joke among video gamers.


We hope Sony is in the process of redeeming themselves from this problem, but we wouldn’t blame you if you’d rather not attempt to join or maintain any Sony online accounts anytime soon. We’re not exactly rushing back into any Sony services, either.


Sources: PlayStation Blog, StrategyInformer,, Wall Street Journal

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