Nokia Introduces E6 & X7; Running The Upcoming Symbian Anna Update

Nokia Introduces E6 & X7; Running The Upcoming Symbian Anna Update
April 25 18:51 2011 Print This Article

The Nokia E6 and X7


Nokia recently introduced two new handsets running on their mature Symbian platform. The QWERTY bar E6, and the full-touch bar X7. Debuting with these phones will be the firmware update PR2 – now called Symbian Anna. Said update will also be coming soon to all Symbian^3 devices as well – giving Nokia phones a sleeker, more polished interface to enjoy.


Introducing Nokia E6


The Nokia E6 is a portrait-oriented QWERTY keyboard bar phone that continues the line from the popular E61, E63, E71, and E72 models – but this time, the 2.46” display is also a touchscreen capacitive LCD running at 640×480 resolution. What’s interesting about it is that its sporting a slightly higher resolution display than Nokia’s full bar touchscreen phones, including the X7. Rounding out the features are an 8MP EDoF (Extended Depth of Field – basically Full Focus / No Focus camera) camera with dual-LED flash – capable of recording 720p video at 25 FPS. It also comes with JoikuSpot Premium which turns your phone into a mobile WiFi hotspot. Finally, the battery life is said to last an entire month on 3G – and even longer on GSM/2G connections.


Meet Nokia X7–The Entertainment Smartphone


The Nokia X7 is the next iteration of Nokia’s X-line – which came from the XpressMusic line before it. Given the music-inspired roots and previous models in the franchise, it sports the similar edgy look from the series. Built with glass and stainless steel, it definitely looks the part. It comes with a 4” AMOLED display at 640×360, 8MP EDoF camera with dual-LED flash and the usual 720p video at 25FPS.


Symbian Anna on Nokia X7


The Symbian Anna update for Symbian^3 phones is one of the most awaited updates for the Nokia-powered mobile OS. It brings with it a lot of tweaks to improve the user interface of Symbian^3 and implement a lot of the most wanted features and updates to the platform. Chief of which are the new Portrait-QWERTY keyboard, split-screen keyboard input, new menu icons, improved Ovi Maps, and best of all – the new Symbian web browser. Watch the video above to check it out – plus there’s extra details about the browser here.


Both the Nokia E6 and X7 will be available on Q2 2011, while the Symbian Anna update for all Symbian^3 devices has a less clear release date. We’d surmise that the update will have to come after the two new phones launch and thus puts the Anna update around Q2 or Q3 this year.

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