HTC Desire S Available This Monday For PHP 26k

HTC Desire S Available This Monday For PHP 26k
April 07 16:03 2011 Print This Article


According to YugaTech’s sources, and/or Top Electronics, the HTC Desire S is going to be available in the Philippines by next week for the price of PHP 26,000 – or even PHP 23,500 if you pre-order from Top Electronics.

The smartphone is the successor to 2010’s phone of the year, the HTC Desire. Like the Desire, it has a 3.7″ 800×480 capacitive display and 1ghz processor. It’s display is now SLCD like the newer Desires, and has some extras like more memory, capacitive buttons, front-facing camera, WiFi N connectivity, and new aluminum unibody design.


As we’ve primarily been using 3.7″ screened phones, we can definitely see the merits of the Desire S’ size. And from seeing firsthand how the HTC Mozart feels on the hand, we’re now fans of the unibody chassis design. Hopefully, we’ll have more about the phone when we have it, but for now, we do like we usually do – wait patiently.

Trivia: This article was written entirely on an HTC Desire. Not to prove a point, but because we’re currently on the road without a computer.

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