Samsung Galaxies Dropping (In Price)

Samsung Galaxies Dropping (In Price)
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If you’re in the market for Samsung Galaxy phones (or tablets), Samsung is having a sale right now on their lineup of Galaxy devices. Some prices have gone lower, but in the case of the Galaxy Tab, the recent price drop has just prompted an extra freebie from Smart instead.


As usual here in The Technoclast, we’ll compare these new prices to the ones currently posted in CMKCellphones to see which ones are favorable to buy wherever. We’re not endorsers of CMK, but they do have some competitive prices on the most recent mobile phones out there.


Galaxy Tab 3G PHP 21,990 (with free 1 Month Data from Smart) PHP 20,500 (unknown if bundled with Free Data Plan)
Galaxy Tab WiFi PHP 16,990 PHP 15,999
Galaxy S Super AMOLED PHP 24,990 PHP 23,250
Galaxy SL Super Clear LCD PHP 19,990 PHP 18,700
Galaxy Fit PHP 12,900 PHP 12,250
Galaxy Ace PHP 15,560 PHP 13,990 PHP 13,990
Galaxy 551 PHP 12,900 PHP 11,900 PHP 11,900
Galaxy mini PHP 10,190 PHP 8,990 PHP 9,290
Galaxy 5 PHP 9,190 PHP 7,990 PHP 7,850



Whichever the case, the prices are still falling pretty low these days and there’s not much stopping you from availing of any of these low priced phones. We think for the low end, the Galaxy 5 might be a pretty good deal, and the Galaxy SL Super Clear LCD variant is pretty good. Though if you can shell the extra cash, the Super AMOLED variant is still very much the best.


So there you have it, new Galaxy prices. You can peep the entire flyer image down below. This sale is effective from April 1 to 17, 2011. (Credit: PinoyTechBlog)



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  1. Pinoy Technology News
    April 07, 13:18 #1 Pinoy Technology News

    Whoah! Thanks for this information. There’s still a few days more to decide which Samsung device it is…perhaps the Tab… :)

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