HTC Philippines Holds HTC Sense Workshop With Guest Rhian Ramos

HTC Philippines Holds HTC Sense Workshop With Guest Rhian Ramos
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Early this week, HTC Philippines held an HTC Sense Workshop in Makati to talk about the new features that come as part of the Sense 2.0 UI in their Android phones. Among the speakers were Product Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia Wayne Tang, Philippine Country Manager Mark Sergio, and HTC spokesperson Rhian Ramos.


While we’re familiar with most of the features of HTC’s Sense UI, we were surprised that new and innovative tricks could still be created to improve the interface. With Sense 2.0, HTC has included the Locations app, which is a service that allows you to pre-cache maps for your device – thus negating the need for mobile data while trying to load maps. It has also included a new cloud feature that you can access by going to Using this free service, all your data is automatically backed up from your phone into the HTC cloud servers, so your contacts and messages are always safe. The service also comes with ways to keep track of your phone should you misplace it by letting it ring, locking it with a reward message, determining its GPS location, or wiping the phone entirely.


Product Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia Mr. Wayne Tang


Mr. Wayne Tang revealed his interesting trick for travelling abroad and keeping track of his agenda with HTC Sense. By using the Footprints app, he can assign Footprints to places he wants to visit. Then using the Locations app, these “footprints” will show up on the map and he can easily find his way to the location. Nifty.


Rhian Ramos talking about her experience with the HTC Desire HD


HTC spokesperson Ms. Rhian Ramos talked about how her phone saves up on data charges because once you switch out of the data-intensive application, Sense will pause all data use from that app – thereby saving you a lot of money, especially when travelling abroad. She also talks about how certain features of Sense have amazed her colleagues – like flipping her phone to silence it in the middle of a meeting has actually called it to their attention because of how useful such a feature is.


Country Manager Mr. Mark Sergio


Country Manager Mr. Mark Sergio tells us that HTC is planning on hiring and expanding HTC operations here in the Philippines and hopes to have more stores and service centers soon. More devices and future Sense updates are also in the works – so we’ll be in the lookout for those as well.


Owning an HTC Desire, I took the opportunity to ask Ms. Rhian Ramos to sign my phone and she agreed. I already own one of the rare AMOLED HTC Desires, but now its become much harder to replace with her signature. Thanks, Rhian!






Here are some more pictures from the event:



We’ll be looking forward for more HTC events in the future so stay tuned!

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