Canon’s Tiendesitas Sale-Prices And Promos

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Today, December 5, marks the last day for Canon’s Sale at Tiendesitas. If you’re still in the market for a camera from the popular brand, you should head over. We were there on Friday and we have some info on what you can expect if you catch up today.


For the most part, there’s not a lot to see in the actual area of the event. There’s only about 8 stalls, and actually only 4 sell any photography related products-a couple are for Canon printers, one is for free prints, one Canon sanctioned demo area (pictured above to the left), where you can try some units but doesn’t sell them, and one promo booth where you can get your freebies or ask for information.


With regards to actually being able to buy things, one stall (pictured above, on the right) sells lenses and camera bags (prices upside-down underneath glass, didn’t check for good deals), and the last three thankfully have some cameras to sell. Of those, one stall primarily sells old Canon cameras on discount. Here is a quick blurry shot of their prices:


Click to Enlarge (Right side is blurry)

If you don’t mind slightly older cameras, these might be worth a look. PHP2,500 for an A480 camera sounds like a bargain, though from the looks of the scribbles on the bottom, they must be all accounted for.


The other two stalls have more recent cameras, but you can expect pricing would be nearly on par with non-sale prices. Point-&-Shoot’s like A3000 and A3100 are priced at PHP7,000 and PHP7,500 respectively. While the new SX130 IS megazoom is quoted at around 14-15k. There’s a fair amount of haggling involved if you want, especially since I noticed that the first price the salesman would give you is a higher one. On one stall, I got quoted that the SX130 was 13.5k, but they had just sold out. So I moved to the other stall where the guy originally gave me a 15k quote, and then budged down to 14.2k. On another stall, the A3000 was originally PHP7,500, but when I asked about the A3100, it had the same 7.5k price. When I asked why, they brought the A3000 down to 7k. It’s a little inconsistent, so I’d suggest getting your haggling on. I notice they might throw in a decent SD card if you try. As for actual prices outside, you can find the SX130 for cheaper, again, at CMKCellphones. This blog is starting to look like a big ad for that store, but you can’t argue with competitive prices. (The SX130 at CMK is PHP 13,260.)


Pricing aside, Canon has beefed up the freebies for all purchases during the sale event. Canon already has a running promo for purchasing their products from any store, but they’re adding some more on top for this event. Any A-series camera purchase will get you a free bag. Buying an SX camera or above will, on top of the iPod Shuffle freebie from their redemption promo, get you either a designer perfume or an Esprit wristwatch, chosen randomly instead of you being able to pick. (The reason why I was interested in picking up the SX130 was that getting the Shuffle and a watch looked like a pretty good bargain, on top of getting a good camera.) For purchases of lenses and/or EOS cameras, you will get a Canon Lens workbook. (It looks like a big coffee table book with lots of pictures and details on Canon lenses.) Finally, for the two people left in the world who are still interested in camcorders, Canon will give out a Western Digital 320gb hard drive. Unfortunately I think that’s just part of the regular redemption promo on their website and not an added bonus.


At the very least, you can pick up a Canon L1fe magazine. It’s got prices of pretty much all their current products, including cameras, lenses, batteries, flashes, etc. Its free and the prices are in pesos so you’ll have an idea on what to save for next time you’re in the market.

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