HTC Desire Z Price For Philippines Show Up; Desire HD Disappears

HTC Desire Z Price For Philippines Show Up; Desire HD Disappears
November 17 16:23 2010 Print This Article

HTC Desire Z


One of the best cellphone retailers in the Philippines, CMKCellphones, (They price competitively and they get their stocks as soon as they hit our shores, sometimes even earlier.) have recently been updating their HTC Products Price List, and from it we can gleam some interesting tidbits about the upcoming HTC Desire Z and Desire HD.


First off, as of until very recently, the Desire HD was in the product list with a “Coming Soon” tag and no price announced. It has been removed as of yesterday. What this might tell us is that the Desire HD could be experiencing more delays, at least here in our shores – or at the very least the stocks are minimal that they couldn’t get any. This is worrying news for anyone targeting the 4.3” screened Android device.


On the other hand, fans of the Desire Z with its unique Z-hinge and ample QWERTY keyboard might be in luck. Today CMK has posted the price for the still “Coming Soon” handset at PHP29,000 cash:


HTC Desire Z
Coming Soon
Cash Price:
PHP 29,000
Credit Card:
3mos PHP 10,201 (30,603)
6mos PHP 5,222 (31,332)
12mos PHP 2,793 (33,516)


CMK’s prices are very competitive. You can almost be certain that the phone will retail at 30k on other stores. (They’re usually lower by 1k than retail.) This even before official HTC prices are out. A price quote, especially with this retailer, is generally a good indication that stocks are on the way and you should be expecting the phone to be here soon.


No need to rush to their store to get one just yet, but with a declared price and the removal of Desire HD in the product list, it looks like they’ve recently been in contact with HTC suppliers and thus, should make this price quote, and the HD’s disappearance, quite telling.




Another retailer, (in Davao no less) TekPone Digital Lifestyle Shop, has also posted their price and a more solid date of availability. Their Android Price List mentions that the unit will be priced at P32,990 and will be available this week.

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  1. Mat
    November 20, 01:49 #1 Mat

    CMK e-mailed me that they took the DHD off their site because they were unsure when they would be getting it. They also hinted that the price was likely under 35k,

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  2. mackyboy
    December 31, 14:37 #2 mackyboy

    The Desire HD has landed. Priced at 29,990 in CMKCellphones

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    • panzerpuff
      December 31, 15:31 panzerpuff

      Thanks for the tip, mackyboy! They definitely updated their list since yesterday so this is fresh news!

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