What To Do When Your Phone Gets Stolen

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Earlier today my friend’s E72 had been robbed, so we’re doing all we can to prevent any further use of her phone by the attackers. Here’s a few things to do.

1.) Pick up your phone right now and dial *#06#. This will give you its IMEI number. This number is unique to each cellphone and can be used to track your phone if lost. Write it down and keep this number safe.

2.) In the event of theft, call your phone model’s support line. Tell them you have lost your phone and have its IMEI number. They should have the ability to lock the phone with your IMEI number and thus preventing its use by anybody else. Supporting documents of your purchase should speed up this request. One report says that Nokia here (in the Philippines) have done that, with the perpetrator bringing the phone to a service center to “repair” the locked phone. This allowed Nokia to identify the locked device as stolen and returned the phone to its owner. Which might be the perfect scenario if you are ever that lucky. (Nokia care number is (+632) 886-1234.)

3.) Call your service provider. In some cases, especially if they provided your phone, they too can track and record SIM cards used by the IMEI number of your phone. If the phone was provided by your service provider, they should be more than willing to give you the support you need to lock your phone.

4.) Contact NTC. They used to have a cellphone locking campaign that only required texting (called Text 682 / Text NTC) but reports say it doesn’t work anymore. Call them or visit their East Avenue offices. Reports say blocking takes about 2 weeks.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) now has a onestop public asistance center (OSPAC). Contact OSPAC at tel (+632)9267722 or (+632)4367722 or visit their website at http://www.ntc.gov.ph.

Try those tips and hope for the best. I’ll post an update about my friend’s phone if there are any developments.

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  1. Game Rumble
    July 10, 10:57 #1 Game Rumble

    A very invonvenient fact here… You have to actually visit the NTC office and bring with you the box of the stolen phone and prepare an affidavit of lost of some sort… It’s not very convenient…

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  2. Alexei
    July 16, 16:45 #2 Alexei

    Definitely not the easiest way to block a stolen phone, but it can also be their safety net to make sure that you really do own the phone you wish to block, and are not just trying to block the phone of someone you hate.

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