What Does Resident Evil 5’s Control Scheme Feel Like? Read This!

What Does Resident Evil 5’s Control Scheme Feel Like? Read This!
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Its easier to describe if you can imagine an old-school text based adventure game. Behold: The Resident Evil 5 Adventure!

You are standing in a small pathway. Behind you the door is locked.
> Walk forward

You are standing on a ledge.
> Jump down

You jump down. You are about to be attacked by zombies. You see a bookshelf.
> Run towards bookshelf.

You are near a bookshelf.
> Push bookshelf

The bookshelf is blocking the window. There is a crate.
> Run towards crate.

You are near a crate.
> Equip knife

Knife is equipped.
> Attack with knife

You attack with the knife. It hits nothing.
> Aim at crate

You aim at the crate.
> Attack crate with knife.

You attack the crate with your knife. You see: Ammo for Pistol.
> Pick up ammo for pistol

You pick up ammo for pistol. You see a zombie.
> Equip pistol

You equip your pistol.
> Aim at zombie

You aim at a zombie.
> Shoot zombie

You shoot a zombie. It is reeling from the blow.
> Run towards zombie

You run towards a zombie.
> Punch zombie

Stop running first!
> Stop running

You stop running.
> Punch zombie

You punch a zombie. It dies. There are two zombies.
> Reload pistol

You need to aim first!
> Aim pistol

You aim your pistol.
> Reload pistol

You are reloading your pistol. A hand-axe is flying towards your face.
> Strafe right

You can’t, you are reloading! The hand-axe hits your face.
> Run away

You are running away.
> Look behind

That is not possible!
> Shoot zombie

You must aim first!
> Aim at zombie

You must stop running first!
> Stop running

You stop running.
> Turn around

You start turning but a zombie grabs you
> Shake zombie off

You shake the zombie off
> Equip grenade

You must open the inventory first!
> Open inventory

You open the inventory. The zombie claws at you.
> Select grenade

You selected the grenade.
> Throw grenade

You must aim the grenade first!
> Aim grenade at zombie.

You aimed the grenade. The zombie claws at you.
> Throw grenade

You threw the grenade.
> Equip pistol

You equipped the pistol. A chainsaw guy is behind you.
> Roll to the right.

Invalid command: “roll” or “dodge”. Your head got sawed off. Game over.

I think it might be more fun playing the text based one than the Xbox 360 / PS3 version with “action controls”. OSNAP! BURNED.

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  1. Gradly
    February 24, 03:56 #1 Gradly


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  2. gerard pogi
    February 24, 13:27 #2 gerard pogi

    i actually thought that you could stop first then reload and shoot but then the text didnt say how fast those damned zombies run (left 4 dead running speed?)…

    so yeah i think capcom’s r&d hasnt been playing new third party shooters eh? (who hasn’t heard of gow series?!) oh wells…

    Load Pistol
    > make sure you load the whole damn artillery of Bataan when your doing this.

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  3. darkshad0w
    February 24, 22:42 #3 darkshad0w


    nice story…

    too scary for to think about it…

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